21st Birthday Audiobook

21st Birthday Audiobook

What is The 21st birthday audiobook about?

The 21st birthday audiobook starts with Cindy Thomas, the reporter’s office in San Francisco. Kathleen Wyatt invades the office of Cindy. Tara, Kathleen’s twenty years old daughter, is missing, along with Lorrie, Kathleen’s granddaughter. Kathleen believes the husband of Tara, Lucas, is to blame for the disappearance of her daughter and Granddaughter.

In the 21st birthday audiobook, Kathleen is handed over to Lindsay Boxer, the detective by Cindy. Lindsay is initially unable to take the matter since she works with murders only. Linsday starts investigating the matter for a killer even though tara and Lorrie are still missing. The murders might have a link with Lucas, but Claire Washburn, medical examiner tries to resist jumping to conclusions.

In the 21st birthday audiobook, Lucas, on the other hand, is unquestionably the main suspect. He’s a 40-year-old teacher at a nearby private school who prefers his relationships and marriages to be lawful. Even Before his wife, Tara and their daughter vanished, he already had made up his mind about who he would marry next.

In the 21st birthday audiobook free, Lucas is accused of murder after an unexpected series of terrible findings. The case has been assigned to Yuki Castellano, Assistant District Lawyer. Lucas had weak evidence, but he uses an acronym, SODDI as a defence that throws the initial investigation into disarray. Lindsay looked into Lucas’ allegation that appears to be bogus; if real, it might have long-reaching consequences much further than San Francisco. The reality is ultimately revealed, and the audience will remember it long since the last sentence has been finished.

The 21st birthday audiobook free is in so many aspects, the finest book in the excellent series of Women’s Murder Club so far.  It’s a thrilling journey that makes the audience yearning for what’s next.

Who is the author of the 21st birthday audiobook?

Maxine Paetro and James Patterson wrote the 21st birthday audiobook.

Maxine Paetro was born on the 19th of April 1946. She is a successful writer in the United States since 1979. She has worked on the series of Women’s Murder Club with the finest writer James Patterson. Paetro worked as a recruiter then manager of the EVP creative department at various prominent Nyc advertising firms between 1975 to 1987. Paetro’s debut work, How to Put Your Book Together and Get a Job in Advertising, released in 1979. She ranked #16 among writers having the titles of becoming # 1 on The Sunday Times bestselling authors list during the past four decades, per The Sunday Times, a British newspaper. Eleven of her novels has been on the top one.

James Patterson was born on the 22nd of March 1947. He is a writer and humanitarian from the United States. He wrote non-fiction, fiction, thrillers and romance novels. At Manhattan College, he earned a Bachelors degree in English. He did his Masters from Vanderbilt University in English. He was the very first to sell 1,000,000 e-books, and his novels had sold almost 300 million copies. Patterson ranked#1 in the Forbes’ listing of highest-paid writers for continuous three years in 2016. He earned the National Book Foundation’s Literarian Prize in  2015.  Patterson resides with Susan, his wife and Jack, their son in Palm Beach, a town in Florida.

Who is the narrator of the 21st birthday audiobook?

The narrator of the 21st birthday audiobook is January Lavoy. Other audiobooks that January Lavoy has also narrated are Thief River Falls, Charlotte’s Web, and Daisy Jones and The Six.

What is the length of the 21st birthday audiobook?

The length of the 21st birthday audiobook is 8 hours and 50 minutes.

When was the 21st birthday audiobook published?

Blackstone Audio, Inc. published the 21st birthday audiobook on 05/03/2021.