A Christmas Carol Audiobook

A Christmas Carol Audiobook

What is A Christmas Carol audiobook about?

A Christmas Carol audiobook revolves around Ebenezer Scrooge, a nasty and greedy elderly man who despises Christmas.

In A Christmas Carol audiobook, On Christmas Eve, Ebenezer is cruel to his employees, unwilling to help the less fortunate, and is harsh towards his nephew as he offers him to celebrate the Christmas holiday with him. On the same night, the spirit of Jacob Marley, his dead business associate, visits him and informs him about his suffering because of his greediness in life. He informs Ebenezer that three ghosts will pay him a visit.

In A Christmas Carol audiobook, three ghosts visited Ebenezer: the  Past Ghost of Christmas, the Present Ghost of Christmas, and the Future Ghost of Christmas. It offers him valuable life lessons on caring for people rather than money.

In A Christmas Carol audiobook free, The Past Ghost of Christmas transports him to previous Christmases, causing him to saw himself as a miserable kid and a man so much passionate about wealth than his fiancée. The Present Ghost of Christmas reveals Ebenezer the condition of Bob Cratchit, his clerk’s family. Ebenezer visits Bob Cratchit’s home and meets Tiny Tim,  a boy who is extremely sick but energetic. The spirit then transports him to Fred’s Christmas festivities where his nephew welcomed him but had refused. Then the Future Ghost of Christmas demonstrates him Tiny Tim’s as well as his mortality that no one mourns, he vows to live a meaningful life after that.

.When he wakes up on Christmas day, he went to his nephew’s celebration. Tiny Tim does not die early since he has become a buddy with the Cratchits. In the end, In A Christmas Carol audiobook free, Ebenezer carried the Christmas spirit alive in the heart from then on.

Who is the author of A Christmas Carol audiobook?

Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol audiobook.

Charles John Huffam Dickens was born on the 7th of February 1812. He was an author and social commentator from England. He produced several of the nation’s most well-known fictitious characters and is also considered the finest author in Victorian times. Throughout his life, his writings achieved unparalleled fame, then by the twentieth century, commentators and academics had acknowledged him as a great writer.

After his father got imprisoned in a debtors’ jail, Dickens dropped out of school and start working. Although he does not have that much academic education, he updated a journal for about twenty long years, penned fifteen novels, five short novels, several short fiction and articles. He fiercely advocated for the rights of children, schooling, as well as other social policies.

Dickens’ writing fame started with the publishing of The Pickwick Paper in 1836. Within several years, Dickens has established himself as a worldwide writing superstar, renowned for his humour, sarcasm, and acute insights. He wrote well-crafted stories, and he frequently included aspects from issues of his time into his stories.

A Christmas Carol, a short novel is notably well-known and has inspired translations in every creative field. Dickens finest piece of speculative novel, A Tale of Two Cities, published in 1859.

Charles Dickens passed away on the 9th of June 1870, at the age of 58, at his home in Higham, near Rochester, Kent.

Who is the narrator of A Christmas Carol audiobook?

The narrator of A Christmas Carol audiobook is Tim Curry. Other audiobooks that Tim Curry has also narrated are Peter Pan in Scarlet, The Carnivorous Carnival, and The Ersatz Elevator.

What is the length of A Christmas Carol audiobook?

The length of A Christmas Carol audiobook is 3 hours and 31 minutes.

When was A Christmas Carol audiobook published?

.A Christmas Carol audiobook originally published on 12/19/1843.