A Clockwork Orange Audiobook

a clockwork orange audiobook

What is A Clockwork Orange audiobook about?

A Clockwork Orange audiobook is a dystopian satire with dark humour. It centred in a near-future English society with an excessive juvenile violent subculture. Alex, a 15-year old protagonist, recounts his violent activities as well as his encounters with state agents bent on rehabilitating him.

A Clockwork Orange audiobook begins in a totalitarian society rife with aggressive youngsters. Alex is a member of a cruel young gang. He and his companions participate in drug-fuelled orgies, as well as extreme acts of violence, especially against the helpless. These events described in Burgess’s novel with glee. The gang bursts into a cabin at one point, assaulting a young writer and gang-raping his wife, who eventually dies. Alex sentenced to 14 years in jail when an attempted robbery goes wrong and he kills an old woman.

In A Clockwork Orange audiobook, Alex eventually adjusts his life in prison, until one night he and his fellow prisoners beat a new prisoner to death. Alex is forced to take part in an experimental program known as the Ludovico’s Technique. It is a harsh kind of aversion therapy that involves Alex seeing a video depicting Nazi brutality. And if he ever considers committing a crime, the therapy leads him to become seriously ill. While officials judge the treatment as a successful accomplishment. In A Clockwork Orange audiobook free, Alex’s fellow prisoner chaplain questioned the ethics of eliminating one’s freedom of choice. According to the chaplain, morality should be a choice. Alex is out of prison, but his behavioural conditioning has made him harmless.

At last in A Clockwork Orange audiobook free, Alex jumps out of a window after a series of incidents, yet he lives. The doctors reverse Alex’s conditioning while he’s in the hospital, and he eventually reverts to his old ways.

Who is the author of A Clockwork Orange audiobook?

Anthony Burgess wrote A Clockwork Orange audiobook.

John Anthony Burgess Wilson was born on February 25, 1917, in Manchester, England, and grew up in the neighbourhoods of Harpurhey and Moss Side. He attended Xaverian College and Manchester University for his education. Among other locations, he resided in Malaya, Malta, Monaco, Italy, and the United States.

Burgess was a writer, poet, dramatist, linguist, musician, translator, and critic who worked under the pen name Anthony Burgess.  He is widely regarded for his novel A Clockwork Orange published in 1962. He authored 33 novels, 25 non-fiction works, 3 symphonies, 32 additional musical artworks, and 1000 essays, articles, and critiques.  His works are still universally recognized around the world.

He was keen on learning music. When Burgess told his parents to become a composer, they complained that “there’s no money in this career.” He didn’t learn music at his school. He trained himself to play the piano at the age of fourteen. Also, he composed more than 250 pieces of music. Although he had substantially greater literary success, he regarded himself as much a composer as an author.

Who is the narrator of A Clockwork Orange audiobook?

The narrator of A Clockwork Orange audiobook is Tom Hollander. Other audiobooks that Tom Hollander has also narrated are A Legacy of Spies, The Casual Vacancy, and Out of Sheer Rage.

What is the length of A Clockwork Orange audiobook?

The length of A Clockwork Orange audiobook is 7 hours and 44 minutes.

When was A Clockwork Orange audiobook published?

HarperAudio. published A Clockwork Orange audiobook on 06/08/2007.