A Gambling Man Audiobook

A Gambling Man Audiobook

What is A Gambling Man audiobook about?

A Gambling Man audiobook is a suspenseful, fast-paced thriller. A Gambling Man audiobook is a threatening, sophisticated, and amusing addition to the Archer series.

In A Gambling Man audiobook, after just a near-fatal tour in the city of Poca, Archer was in great desire of a new beginning in the 1950s. Therefore Archer sets out for California. People there believe that if you are smart, fortunate, corrupt, or all 3, you can make a lot of money.

All along the journey, Archer arrives in the city of Reno. There a twist of fate provides him with a sum of money and a stunning Delahaye convertible 1939, as well as a travelling partner, Liberty Callahan, an ambitious actress who plans to test her fate in Hollywood. Then they arrive in California, however, Archer immediately realises that the people who went there in search of wealth and publicity have instead ended in a fake wonderland that serves their darkest desires and anxieties.

Archer’s first step is at a private investigator’s office. There he hopes to get train under Willie Dash, a famed private detective and former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent. He gets the position and is dragged into a dangerous controversy: a case of blackmailing a rich politician vying for mayor, which quickly turns into something deadly.  As bodies start to fall, Dash and Archer must invade a universe of brothels, hideouts for gamblers, illegal operations, and long-kept mysteries, plunging into the crooked city that is marketing itself as one of the lands of glorious future but could certainly be the path to destruction and the final destination of Archer.

The protagonists of A Gambling Man audiobook free are complex, flawed, and morally upright. Subsequently, A Gambling Man audiobook free, along with all subplots, intertwines and unfolds in a mysterious thriller.

Who is the author of A Gambling Man audiobook?

David Baldacci wrote A Gambling Man audiobook.

David Baldacci was born on the 5th of August 1960. He is the finest writer in the United States. Baldacci, a lawyer by training, primarily authors mystery books and crime thrillers. Barack Obama, former President of America is among his fans.

David Baldacci grew up in the city of Richmond, Virginia. He attended Henrico High School and went on to Virginia Commonwealth University to get a Bachelors degree in Political Science. Later, from the University of Virginia School of Law earned his Doctorate Degree then he practised law for 9 years.

Baldacci started creating stories when he was a child. He authored short tales and eventually scripts for almost twenty years, with little recognition. He began writing novels while still practising law, and Absolute Power took 3 long years to complete. Furthermore, it was a worldwide bestselling book released in 1996. Moreover, he has written 40 best-selling fiction books for adults and seven stories for children’s literature.

Absolute Power, Baldacci’s debut novel, turned into a film of the same name that released in the year 1997. In addition, Baldacci penned the script for the Wish You Well film adaption, filmed in the southwest of Virginia. Baldacci worked as a consultant producer on the TNT tv show King & Maxwell. The Christmas Train, his eighth novel turned into a Hallmark Hall of Fame feature presentation in the year 2017. Baldacci’s books had been translated into almost 45 different languages and sold in over 80 countries, with almost 130 million copies sold internationally.

Baldacci and his wife, Michelle, live in Virginia’s Fairfax County. They co-founded Wish You Well Foundation, a non-profit organisation in the US dedicated to combating illiteracy.

Who is the narrator of A Gambling Man audiobook?

The narrator of A Gambling Man audiobook is Edoardo Ballerini and Brittany Pressley.

What is the length of A Gambling Man audiobook?

The length of A Gambling Man audiobook is 11 hours and 52 minutes.

When was A Gambling Man audiobook published?

Grand Central Publishing published A Gambling Man audiobook on 04/20/21.