A Promised Land Audiobook

A Promised Land Audiobook

What is A Promised Land audiobook about?

In A Promised Land audiobook, Barack Obama narrates the tale of his unlikely journey from a teenage black man desperately looking for his individuality to the president of the united states. He also discussed his personal information both about his governmental learning and the groundbreaking glimpses of his legendary presidency.

In A Promised Land audiobook, Obama brings the people on a captivating path from his first political goals to the crucial Iowa caucus win. It proved the strength of the grassroots movement, to the night of 4th November 2008. When Obama has been elected 44th US president and became the state’s 1st African American president.

In A Promised Land audiobook, He presents an interesting and insightful analysis of the tremendous victory and the boundaries of presidential authority. And also different perspectives into the mechanisms of US opposition politics and global diplomacy. Obama takes people into the Presidential Office and the Situation Room at the White House. People have significant exposure to his opinions as he sets up his cabinet, grapples with an international economic meltdown, conquers insurmountable obstacles to take the ACA, Affordable Care Act, confrontations with military leaders over US strategic approach in Afghanistan, handles Wall Street restructuring, reacts to the tragic Deepwater Horizon disaster, and empowers Operation Neptune Spear that results in Osama bin Laden’s death.

A Promised Land audiobook free is a deeply personal and insightful true story about one man’s wager with destiny and the trust of a social activist put to the test on a global stage. In A Promised Land audiobook free, Obama is honest about his moral obstacles of great responsibilities while campaigning for the public as an African American. He meets the aspirations of the generation inspired by words of “change and hope.”

Who is the author of A Promised Land audiobook?

Barack Obama wrote A Promised Land audiobook.

Barack Obama was born on the 4th of August, 1961. He was America’s 44th President between 2009 till 2017. He is a writer, retired lawyer and politician. Obama was the very first Black president of America and a fellow in the Democratic Party. Between 2005 till 2008, he was a United States senator, and between 1997 till 2004, he was a senator of  Illinois state. Furthermore, Obama has written three popular books, his latest work include A Promised Land published in 2020.

Obama attended Columbia University and served as a social activist in Chicago after graduating in 1983. He entered Harvard Law School in 1988 and served in Harvard Law Review as the first African-American president. Obama worked as a civil rights lawyer and a scholar after graduation. He became a lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School of Constitutional law between 1992 until 2004. With the victory of the March Senate, Obama gained national recognition in 2004. Democratic Party elected him for president in 2008. In the election, Obama defeated Republican candidate John McCain. He won Nobel Peace Award in 2009.

The United States’ international reputation, and also the American economic system, dramatically improved under Obama’s presidency. His presidency has received largely positive reviews, with academics, political analysts, historians and the public in general consistently ranking him as one of the best presidents of America.

Barack Obama married Michelle Robinson on the 3rd of October 1992. Malia Ann and Natasha are the couple’s two lovely daughters.

Who is the narrator of A Promised Land audiobook?

The narrator of A Promised Land audiobook is Barack Obama. Other audiobooks that Barack Obama has also narrated are Barack Obama: The 60 Minutes Interviews, and The Audacity of Hope.

What is the length of A Promised Land audiobook?

The length of A Promised Land audiobook is 29 hours and 10 minutes.

When was A Promised Land audiobook published?

Random House Audio published A Promised Land audiobook on 11/17/20.