Alice in Wonderland Audiobook

Alice in Wonderland Audiobook

What is Alice in Wonderland audiobook about?

Alice in Wonderland audiobook portrays a little girl, Alice through a fascinating dream world where she meets strange creatures in unusual settings.

In Alice in Wonderland audiobook, Alice saw a rabbit dressed in clothes passes by then the rabbit leaps into a tunnel, which Alice followed. That’s where her journey begins, with numerous strange occurrences and encounters with other creatures. She comes across closed gates, which she unlocks using a key she discovers. Weird things like taking a potion shorten her, and having a slice of cake will make her grow back.

In the midst of Alice in Wonderland audiobook, Alice discovers how wonderland functions by consuming sufficient potions or merely eating the pastries to shrink or expand to manoeuvre around the beauty of the meadow. There  Alice finds playing cards that paint white roses to red for not planting those flowers and the Queen is going to take them on if she knows. By concealing them, Alice protects the cards.

Lastly, in Alice in wonderland audiobook free Alice found herself in a tribunal. There Jack of Hearts has been on sentence because he stole Queen’s pastries. As Alice regains her strength, she grows more assertive and brings out the silliness of the prosecution. The Queen commands Alice’s head to get chopped, and Alice responds by stating that she is not scared of cards. The playing cards start to fly towards her at this moment, and she awakens from her dream. Alice in wonderland audiobook free concludes with Alice informing her sister about her dream.

Who is the author of Alice in Wonderland audiobook?

Lewis Carroll wrote Alice in wonderland audiobook.

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, widely regarded as Lewis Carroll, was born on the 27th of January 1832. He was a children’s fantasy writer. Dodgson is best known for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. He had great skills in figurative language, reasoning, and imagination.

Dodgson studied at home during his childhood. He went to Richmond Grammar School in Richmond, North Yorkshire, when he was 12 years old. Dodgson enrolled at Rugby School in 1846. Then, he enrolled at Oxford University in 1850. He graduated in Mathematics Moderations in 1852. After that, he graduated with first-class honours from the Final Honours School of Mathematics and topped the list.

maDodgson began writing poems and short tales at an early age, contributing substantially to Mischmasch magazine and subsequently submitting them to different periodicals, with little popularity. From 1854 to 1856, his writing appeared in big newspapers such as The Comic Times, The Train, and also local journals like the Whitby Gazette and the Oxford Critic. The majority of his work was funny, occasionally sarcastic, yet his ideas and aspirations were great. He released his initial piece of writing, a love poem titled “Solitude” published in The Train underneath the moniker that made him popular in1856.

The Lewis Carroll Shelf Award, an American literature award from 1958 to 1979 bestowed on numerous works by the University of Wisconsin was created in his honour.

Dodgson passed away by Pneumonia on the 14th of January 1898, at the age of 65, at his sisters’ house in Guildford, Surrey, England.

Who is the narrator of Alice in wonderland audiobook?

The narrator of Alice in wonderland audiobook is Scarlett Johansson. Other audiobooks that Scarlett Johansson has also narrated are The Dive from Clausen’s Pier and The Snake Chief.

What is the length of Alice in wonderland audiobook?

The length of Alice in wonderland audiobook is 2 hours and 44 minutes.

When was Alice in wonderland audiobook published?

Audible Studios published Alice in wonderland audiobook on 02/23/16.