Atlas Shrugged Audiobook

Atlas Shrugged Audiobook

What is Atlas Shrugged audiobook about?

Atlas Shrugged audiobook depicts Dagny Taggart and Hank Rearden as they fight a communist government that seeks to stifle human progress. As they fight together, they find out John Galt was the mastermind behind the brilliant minds revolt that brings government down and introduces a new world of freedom.

Atlas Shrugged audiobook begins with despair and dread. The entire globe is in jeopardy. State oppressed the people, and the financial system was crumbling. Dagny and Hank may be able to improve the economy. They collaborate to build a rail to aid in the transportation of goods, and it was successful.

In Atlas Shrugged audiobook, Brilliant individuals are going missing. Dagny seeks to find out who ruined the planet since capitalists kept disappearing.

While Hank goes through a period of difficult self-discovery and family conflict. Dagny goes after a scientist try to persuade him to not resign from his work or to go, and in the meantime, a plane crashes. After she regains consciousness, she is in Atlantis, a secretive hideaway. There are strikers and John Galt is also present there. Galt is both the creator and the Destroyer who had vanished. He fought the repressive authorities he referred to as looters.

In Atlas Shrugged audiobook free, Galt has a long-standing crush on Dagny, and she begins to fall for him soon. She, on the other hand, is unable to remain with them and wishes to oppose the regime. She returns, and Hank enters the strike as well.

The authorities apprehended and humiliated Galt. Dagny and Hank save him, all along with the strikers they escape to Atlantis because the state’s economy collapses. Finally, in Atlas Shrugged audiobook free, Galt intends to mend the world alongside his other strikers.

Who is the author of Atlas Shrugged audiobook?

Ayn Rand wrote Atlas Shrugged audiobook.

Alice O’Connor was born on the 2nd of February 1905, best known as Ayn Rand, her pseudonym. She was a philosopher and writer from the United States. Rand created the philosophical framework known as Objectivism. In 1935, she use to have a play that premiered on Broadway. Following two initially unsuccessful books, she rose to prominence with her 1943 masterpiece, The Fountainhead. Rand’s finest work, Atlas Shrugged, released in 1957. She then moved to non-fiction for promoting her ideas, producing her own magazines and publishing many essay volumes.

Rand attended Petrograd State University. She studied in the social education department, specialising in history and graduated in the year 1924. She then spent one year at Leningrad’s State Technicum for Screenwriting. Rand authored an article on the actress Pola Negri of Poland for a project, that had become her earliest published piece. By this point, she had opted on Rand as her official pseudonym for writings.

Rand’s work met with varied reactions from literary critics. While intellectual curiosity in her theories has risen after her demise, philosophers have usually disregarded or dismissed her ideas owing to her argumentative style and absence of scientific quality. Her ideas had political ramifications for liberals and certain republicans. The Objectivist movement works to promote her views in both educational and public contexts.

Rand passed away of heart failure at her New York City residence on the 6th of March 1982.

Who is the narrator of Atlas Shrugged audiobook?

The narrator of Atlas Shrugged audiobook is Christopher Hurt. Other audiobooks that Christopher Hurt has also narrated are Stranger in a Strange Land, The Closing of the American Mind, and The War of the Worlds.

What is the length of Atlas Shrugged audiobook?

The length of Atlas Shrugged audiobook is 52 hours and 20 minutes.

When was Atlas Shrugged audiobook published?

Blackstone Audio, Inc. published Atlas Shrugged audiobook on 01/18/2007.