Beloved Audiobook

Beloved Audiobook

What is Beloved audiobook about?

Beloved audiobook is a dark and frightening tale filled with gothic themes and horrifying brutality. Beloved audiobook depicts the violence and dehumanization experienced under enslavement adequately.

In Beloved audiobook, Sethe and Denver, her daughter reside at 124, a home in the area near Cincinnati, in 1873. It had been 18 years, she fled from enslavement. Sethe left, even though she was expecting, and gave birth along the journey. After 28 days, her previous owner again captured Sethe. Instead of surrendering her kids to enslavement, she tried to murder them all but ultimately succeeded in murdering the newborn girl. Sethe subsequently engraves “Beloved” on the daughter’s gravestone. The spirit of the deceased baby continued to haunt the house. After experiencing especially terrifying incidents with the spirit, the two sons departed. Denver and Sethe are still living alone in the house.

In Beloved audiobook free, 124 receives two visitors. The first one is Paul D, a former slave along with Sethe. Beloved, the next visitor, is a girl. It soon gets obvious that she is the spirit of the deceased infant, of the same age the girl would have if it had survived. Sethe’s lover is Paul D. When Paul D discovers that Sethe killed her kid, he decides to leave. Sethe feels she got another opportunity after knowing Beloved’s truth. She attempts to make apologies for her misdeeds in the past, but the spirit does not pardon Sethe.

In Beloved audiobook free, Denver has to seek assistance from the community. The spirit departs, but Sethe’s soul is badly hurt. Paul D comes back to her, promising to assist Sethe in healing her.  Paul D, Sethe, and Denver will start a new life and will continue to cope with their terrible past while looking forward.

Who is the author of Beloved audiobook?

Toni Morrison wrote Beloved audiobook.

Toni Morrison was born o18th of February 1931.  She was a writer, columnist, editor of the book, and college lecturer from the United States. The Bluest Eye, her debut novel, published in 1970. Song of Solomon published in  1977, her highly praised novel, catapulted her to national prominence and earned her the National Book Critics Circle Award. Morrison earned the Pulitzer Prize in 1988 for Beloved, and she received international acclaim as she won the Nobel Prize in 1993 in Literature.

Morrison grew up in Lorain, Ohio. In 1953, she earned a B.A. in English from Howard University. Cornell University awarded her a master’s degree in American Literature in 1955.   In New York, she was the very first black woman fiction editor at Random House in the 1960s. She earned her name as a writer in the 1970s and 1980s, and her arguably most famous work, Beloved, was adapted into a film in 1998. Her writings have received accolades for highlighting the severe repercussions of racial oppression in the US.

In 1996, she was chosen by the National Endowment for the Humanities to deliver the Jefferson Lecture, the federal government of the United States’ highest prize for accomplishment in the humanities. The National Book Foundation awarded her the Prize of Distinguished Contribution to American Letters the following year. Morrison won the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2012. She earned the PEN/Saul Bellow Award for Achievement in American Fiction in 2016. Morrison elected as the National Women’s Hall of Fame in the recent year 2020.

Morrison passed away at the age of 88 years on the 5th of August 2019 due to pneumonia.

Who is the narrator of Beloved audiobook?

The narrator of Beloved audiobook is Toni Morrison. Other audiobooks that Toni Morrison has also narrated are Song of Solomon, The Bluest Eye, and God Help the Child.

What is the length of Beloved audiobook?

The length of Beloved audiobook is 12 hours and 3 minutes.

When was Beloved audiobook published?

Random House Audio published Beloved audiobook on 05/22/2006.