Broken Horses Audiobook

Broken Horses Audiobook

What is Broken Horses audiobook about?

Broken Horses audiobook is a memoir of Brandi Carlile following her life as well as a career as a singer from childhood to the present time, with song lyrics interspersed throughout the book. It is a self-deprecating, hilarious, and honest book comprising of Carlile’s opinions, experiences and journey. Carlile’s musical “family,” includes her bandmates Tim and Phil, as well as Catherine Shepard, her wife and 2 daughters. It’s an interesting depiction of a person who also happened to be a winner of the GRAMMY Award as a singer and songwriter.

Broken Horses audiobook format is deceptively brilliant, with every chapter ending with lyrics that fit best to that part. They’re vital to the plot here, bringing contemplation and shining a light on Carlile’s musical world; the lyrics of “Sugartooth” reflect memories of how the suicide of a friend affected people who truly loved him, giving the glimpse into how her experiences inspire her music.

In Broken Horses audiobook, Brandi also discusses her experiences as a homosexual person, as well as her journey of marriage with Catherine and parenting two adorable daughters. These are important events and discussions in anyone’s life, but particularly for someone from the LGBTQ+ society. Brandi’s abandonment by the church at a crucial stage in her life, as well as the love she received from her society, led her along a journey of embracing oneself and accepting who she was using the most powerful thing she owns, her music.

Broken Horses audiobook free covers a variety of themes, including love, family, friendship, sexual orientation, faith, reconciliation, and several others. In Broken Horses audiobook free, Carlile shares her ideas and personal experiences without any filter that are truly genuine.

Who is the author of Broken Horses audiobook?

Brandi Carlile wrote Broken Horses audiobook.

Brandi Marie Carlile was born on the 1st of  June 1981. She is a multi-genre songwriter, singer and producer from the United States. Carlile had received 11 nominations for Grammy Award as of 2020.  At the 61st Grammy Awards that held every year for once, she was in most of the nominations, such as Album of the Year Award for, By the Way, I Forgive You, Record of the Year Award, and Song of the Year for The Joke.

Carlile formed the Highwomen, a female band in 2019. They received commercial and success for their first album The High women, released in 2019.

Carlile grew up in the little town of Ravensdale in Washington. Carlile left high school to establish a music career, taught herself how to play musical instruments. Brandi Carlile, her first label album was critically acclaimed but only moderately successful commercially. Furthermore, Carlile rose to prominence after the release of her track The Story in 2007. Moreover, In 2017, The Story was given Gold certification for making sales of 500,000 copies.

Her album, The Firewatcher’s Daughter was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Americana Album and reached #9 at the Billboard 2020.

She released Cover Stories in 2017, and it reached #30 at the Billboard 200. By the Way, I Forgive You, her most recent album, released in 2018 to commercial success. It reached #5 at the Billboard 200, which was her greatest ranking position t date, as well as No. 1 at the Billboard’s Top Rock Albums list.

Who is the narrator of Broken Horses audiobook?

The narrator of Broken Horses audiobook is Brandi Carlile.

What is the length of Broken Horses audiobook?

The length of Broken Horses audiobook is 10 hours and 3 minutes.

When was Broken Horses audiobook published?

 Random House Audio published Broken Horses audiobook on 04/20/21.