Call Me by Your Name Audiobook

Call Me by Your Name Audiobook

What is Call Me By Your Name audiobook about?

Call Me By Your Name audiobook revolves around two boys, Elio and Oliver, who enjoy summertime together at the Italian Riviera and form a relationship that affects their ideas on romance forever. Elio enjoys his summertime at the villa with his parents. Oliver is an attractive American post-doctoral student and stays at Elio’s home in the summer. Call Me By Your Name audiobook is a narrative about intense love, passion, and life-changing emotions.

Call Me By Your Name audiobook begins with Elio recalling Oliver’s arrival at his villa in Italy. Once Oliver came, Elio immediately began attempting to attract him, however, he thought that Oliver reacted coldly and hostilely to his efforts. Despite this, the two boys continued spending much time around each other, and Elio formed a strong sexual attraction towards Oliver. Elio thought Oliver was seeing a lady called Chiara, but Oliver claimed he was incorrect.

In Call Me By Your Name audiobook free, Elio started dating a girl, Marzia. Elio expressed his sentiments after being unable to deal with the intensity of his obsession for Oliver. Oliver and  Elio fell in love with each other and they made love at night. Elio first felt guilty and nervous regarding what had occurred between them, although he quickly became more comfortable and pleased with their bond. They reminisced about their first meeting. Before leaving Italy after summer, Oliver asked Elio to accompany him on a vacation to Rome.

Elio came back to his villa after the vacation. Oliver stole a card from Elio’s room to keep his memory with him. Oliver visited Elio around Christmas and announced to him that he is going to get married. In the end, in Call Me By Your Name audiobook free,  Oliver returned to the villa, and both of them reminisced their memories.

Who is the author of Call Me By Your Name audiobook?

André Aciman wrote Call Me By Your Name audiobook.

André Aciman was born on the 2nd of January 1951 in Alexandria, Egypt. He’s a famous Italian-American author.  He is presently a senior lecturer at CUNY Graduate Center. There he educates about the history of literary theory and the masterpieces of Marcel Proust. He has also taught creative writing at NYU and French classics at Princeton and Bard College.

In Egypt, he studied in British schools. In 1973, he received a B.A. degree from Lehman College. Moreover, in 1988, he received an M.A. and a PhD from Harvard University. Out of Egypt, Aciman’s autobiography published in 1996, received favourable reviews. Furthermore, Michiko Kakutani of The New York Times called it a “remarkable memoir.”

Aciman was a Notable Writer at Wesleyan University in 2009. He has written several famous novels, such as Call Me by Your Name, which received the 2007 Lambda Literary Award in the Gay Fiction category and adapted into a film, and Out of Egypt, a 1995 book, earned a Whiting Award. Despite being most recognised for Call Me by Your Name, he revealed in a 2019 statement that his favourite novel is Eight White Nights. In addition, many of his novels and articles have been adapted into other languages.

Likewise, Aciman’s writing has featured in several editions of The Best American Essays, including The New Yorker, The New York Review of Books, The New York Times, The New Republic, Condé Nast Traveler, The Paris Review, and Granta. Susan Wiviott is Aciman’s wife. The couple has three sons.

Who is the narrator of Call Me By Your Name audiobook?

The narrator of Call Me By Your Name audiobook is Armie Hammer.

What is the length of Call Me By Your Name audiobook?

The length of Call Me By Your Name audiobook is 7 hours and 48 minutes.

When was Call Me By Your Name audiobook published?

Macmillan Audio published Call Me By Your Name audiobook on 10/03/17.