Charlotte’s Web Audiobook

Charlotte's Web Audiobook

What is Charlotte’s Web audiobook about?

Charlotte’s Web audiobook is a narrative of friendship, a celebration of farm life, affection and protection, adventure and miracle, life and death, trust and treachery, joy and agony, and much more. It is regarded as the greatest masterpiece of literature.

Charlotte’s Web audiobook begins with Fern Arable, a little girl saving Wilbur, the runt of a pig’s litter, from slaughter. Fern looks after the pig, who defies the odds and survives. Mr Arable, concerned that his daughter is getting too connected to an animal that is being reared to be slaughtered. He sends Wilbur to Fern’s uncle, Mr Zuckerman’s, neighbouring farm.

In Charlotte’s Web audiobook, Wilbur adjusts to his new surroundings. He’s lonely at first and misses Fern, but he settles in when he meets Charlotte, a spider, and other creatures, including Templeton, a scavenging rat. When Wilbur learns that pigs are bred to become bacon, Charlotte devises a scheme to assist him.

Charlotte weaves a web over Wilbur’s sty with the words “Some Pig.” Mr Zucker notices her effort and considers it a miracle. Charlotte continues to twist her words, enlisting Templeton to bring back labels so she may duplicate words like “Terrific” over Wilbur’s pigpen.

In Charlotte’s Web audiobook free, Wilbur came to the county fair, Charlotte and Templeton resume their work, with Charlotte spinning new messages. The findings bring huge crowds, and Charlotte’s plan to save Wilbur’s life succeeds.

Charlotte, on the other hand, bids Wilbur farewell at the end of the fair. She is on her deathbed. She does, however, entrust her buddy with a bundle of eggs she has spun. Wilbur, heartbroken, returns the eggs to the farm and observes their hatching. In the end, In Charlotte’s Web audiobook free, three of Charlotte’s “children” live with Wilbur, who is content with Charlotte’s descendants.

Who is the author of Charlotte’s Web audiobook?

E. B. White wrote Charlotte’s Web audiobook.

Elwyn Brooks White was born on July 11, 1899. He was a writer from the United States. He wrote numerous popular children’s novels. Charlotte’s Web ranked #1 among the top one hundred children’s novels in a 2012 poll of School Library Journal readers. He was also a writer and contributing editor for The New Yorker magazine, as well as a co-author of The Elements of Style, an English language style guide.

In 1921, White earned a bachelor of arts degree from Cornell University. He co-edited The Cornell Daily Sun with classmate Allison Danzig, who went on to become a sportswriter for The New York Times. White also belonged to the Aleph Samach and Quill and Dagger organisations, as well as the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity.

E.B. White, the author of twenty volumes of prose and poetry, received the Laura Ingalls Wilder Medal in 1970 for his children’s novels, Stuart Little and Charlotte’s Web. Moreover, The International Board on Books for Young People recognised White’s third book for children, The Trumpet of the Swan as an exceptional example of the literature of international relevance. It won the Sequoyah Award (Oklahoma) and the William Allen White Award (Kansas) in 1973.

White received the National Medal of Literature in 1971 for his overall contribution to American writing. White also earned the Gold Medal for Essays and Criticism from the National Institute of Arts and Letters. In addition, he received honorary degrees from seven colleges and institutions. White passed away on October 1, 1985.

Who is the narrator of Charlotte’s Web audiobook?

The narrators of Charlotte’s Web audiobook are E. B. White and George Plimpton.

What is the length of Charlotte’s Web audiobook?

The length of Charlotte’s Web audiobook is 3 hours and 34 minutes.

When was Charlotte’s Web audiobook published?

Listening Library published Charlotte’s Web audiobook on 10/24/2003.