Dune Audiobook

Dune Audiobook

What is Dune audiobook about?

Dune audiobook is set very far into the future of 10191, in the middle of a widespread feudal interplanetary empire, where noble houses are in command of planetary feudalism, owing to the imperial Corrino House. It is the narrative of the young Paul Atreides, Leto Atreides’ obvious heir, and Atreides’ scion, as he and his family go to planet Arrakis. In the Dune audiobook, Paul avenged the treasonous plan against his family. He brought the oldest and most unreachable ideal of human history to realization.

In Dune audiobook, Arrakis is a desert planet. It is the only reservoir of the spice melange. It’s an essential medicine that Guild Navigators need while traveling. The Atreides and Harkonnens are two families that are fighting each other for absolute power over the Arrakis mine operations. Lady Jessica, Paul and Paul’s mother,  fled far in the dunes of Arrakis when Baron Harkonnen killed  Duke Leto Atreides. The Fremen, denizens of Arrakis, are friends there. Soon in Dune audiobook free, Paul discovers that he has exceptional abilities and could see into the future. United the Freman, Paul formed an army of soldiers. He led them into combat with both Baron Harkonnen and the tyrannical Emperor of Padishah, Shaddam IV, who destroyed the Harkonnen. Paul pledges to avenge the father’s death. He also intends to free Arrakis and his compatriots, and free himself from the Emperor’s control, and accomplish his mission.

Dune audiobook free is a story that illustrates the perplexing collaborations of governmental issues, religion, environment, innovation, and human feeling, the destiny of Paul, his family, his new planet, and its local occupants, just as the Padishah Emperor, the incredible Spacing Guild, and the cryptic female request of the Bene Gesserit, are completely drawn together into a showdown that will shift the future of humankind.

Who is the author of Dune audiobook?

Frank Herbert wrote Dune audiobook.

Frank Herbert was born on October 8, 1920, in Tacoma, Washington. He left home in 1938 and went to live with his uncle and aunt in Oregon because of such a bad family situation, primarily owing to the Great Depression. Herbert attended high school at Salem High School and graduated the following year.

He began his career with a newspaper job. In order to secure his initial newspaper job at the Glendale Star in 1939, he falsified his age. Herbert also served as a photographer for the Oregon Statesman newspaper, now called the Statesman Journal. During World War II, he worked as a photographer in the United States Navy’s Seabees for 6 months until receiving a medical release. Herbert went to The University of Washington just after the war. Herbert hasn’t ever finished university because, according to his son Brian, he intended to learn only what piqued his attention. Hence, he did not finish the needed course. After this, he began his writing career.

In short, Franklin Patrick Herbert was an American science fiction novelist popular for his novel Dune and its five sequels, published in 1965. He was most known for his books although he also authored short stories and served as a newspaper writer, photographer, book critic, ecological consultant, and speaker. On February 11, 1986, in Madison, Wisconsin, he died of a major pulmonary embolism despite recovering from pancreatic cancer surgery.

Who is the narrator of Dune audiobook?

The narrators of Dune audiobook are Scott Brick, Orlagh Cassidy, Euan Morton, Simon Vance, and  Ilyana Kadushin.

What is the length of Dune audiobook?

The length of Dune audiobook is 21 hours and 2 minutes.

When was Dune audiobook published?

Macmillan Audio published Dune audiobook on 12/31/2006.