Eragon Audiobook

Eragon Audiobook

What is Eragon audiobook about?

Eragon audiobook is the first book in the Inheritance Cycle series. Eragon audiobook is the narrative of Eragon, a boy in a fictional world who discovers a bluestone.  When the dragon egg hatches and the she-dragon Saphira is born, he finds the stone to be a dragon egg. Dragons are dead in Alagaesia, therefore Eragon must keep his great revelation hidden. However, demons known as Ra’zac arrive back in Alagaesia in search of the egg. Eragon’s Uncle Garrow is murdered in the subsequent fight. Disgusted by Garrow’s sudden death, Eragon pledges to chase down the Ra’zac and revenge his uncle’s killing.

In Eragon audiobook, Eragon realizes that a telepathic bond has been created between himself and Saphira, becoming a member of the famous Dragon Riders, a group capable of communicating with and controlling dragons. Galbatorix, a former Dragon Rider who now leads Alagaesia, previously violated his duties as the kingdom’s peacekeeper by murdering his fellow Dragon Riders. Eragon realizes that Galbatorix ordered Ra’zac to invade his town, and so considers him accountable for Garrow’s murder. As he embarks on his revenge mission, he is accompanied by Brom, a narrator who knows how to fight the Ra’zac. Throughout their journey in Eragon audiobook free, Brom educates Eragon about ‘The Ways of the Rider.’

In Eragon audiobook free, Eragon becomes the dragon rider prophesied in an ancient prophecy, freeing his people from the ruler Galbatorix. In his fight for justice, Eragon encounters the rebellious Varden and they battle together against the terrible sorcerer Durza and the forces of Galbatorix.

To sum up, it is a story of discovery that takes Eragon on a destined path where he understands that he is the only one who can save his home from a wicked ruler.

Who is the author of Eragon audiobook?

Christopher Paolini wrote Eragon audiobook.

Christopher James Paolini was born on November 17, 1983. He is a writer from the United States. He is most famous for The Inheritance Cycle, which includes the books Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, and Inheritance, as well as the short story collection The Fork, the Witch, and the Worm. His debut science fiction book is, To Sleep in a Sea of Stars.

Paolini was born in Los Angeles, California, and grew up in the Paradise Valley, Montana, region. His family comprises his parents, Kenneth and Talita Paolini, as well as his younger sister, Angela Paolini. Paolini got an education at home throughout his schooling, graduated from high school at the age of 15 from the American School of Correspondence in Lansing, Illinois.

After he graduated from high school, he began writing the novel Eragon, the first in a four-book series set in the legendary continent of Alagasia. Paolini spoke at over 135 libraries and schools on reading and writing to market the book. Following that, he released three additional novels in the series. More than 35 million copies of The Inheritance Cycle have been sold. He also intends to extend to the realm of Alagasia with a fifth book after completing his science-fiction novel.

Nature influences Paolini’s work. Paolini stated that Paradise Valley, Montana is “one of the key sources” of his motivation in an interview. Paolini’s novels have performed extremely well, topping the bestseller lists of The New York Times, USA Today, and Publishers Weekly. On January 5, 2011, Guinness World Records recognizes Christopher Paolini as the “youngest author of a bestselling book series”. He resides in Montana’s Paradise Valley, where he penned his first novel.

Who is the narrator of Eragon audiobook?

The narrator of Eragon audiobook is Gerard Doyle. Other audiobooks that Gerard Doyle has also narrated are Eldest, Brisingr, and Inheritance.

What is the length of Eragon audiobook?

The length of Eragon audiobook is 16 hours and 22 minutes.

When was Eragon audiobook published?

Listening Library published Eragon audiobook on 10/16/2003.