Family of Lies Audiobook

Family of Lies Audiobook

What is the Family of Lies audiobook about?

The Family of Lies audiobook is a striking depiction of a deceitful family as well as the ladies whose wellbeing is dependent on the truths they hide.

In the Family of Lies audiobook, the protagonist, Vera Lomax born and raised in Texas. Her family’s financial situation was poor, so her desire for money grew, and she used several gold-digging tactics to get married to a rich guy.  Her primary purpose nowadays is to adorn the much-older spouse, so she’s been able to blend a lifestyle of luxury and relationships with younger guys with a huge secret, the 16-year bribery to one of the mistresses of her husband to continue to keep the child hidden whose father is her husband. Vera believes that a small amount of secret money paid each month would guarantee that all of her husband’s wealth is only hers.

In the Family of Lies audiobook, Sarah Cooper, tragically for Vera, is the kid Kenneth Lomax has always desired. It’s a fantastical path from the slums to a house on a hilltop when Lomax, her father shows up for the first time at the funeral of her mother. In the Family of Lies audiobook free, Sarah’s life, however, is not as peaceful as her dad wishes since Sarah is well aware that Vera, her stepmother is indeed very deceitful. And, having lost her entire family, she desires a lifestyle that is more fulfilling than just what Vera had intended for her.

In the Family of Lies audiobook free, neither woman knows who would earn Kenneth’s love or wealth. However, as Sarah and vera plan a path to live life on their terms, everybody they know will be taking sides, making decisions, and risking everything to win in the end.

Who is the author of the Family of Lies audiobook?

Mary Monroe wrote the Family of Lies audiobook.

Mary Monroe is an African-American fantasy writer who has had written several NY Times best-selling books. St. Martin’s Press published her debut novel, The Upper Room in the year1985. Dafina Books published another book,  God Don’t Like Ugly in the year 2000, her most well-known work and also the series based on the protagonists portrayed in that book.

Mary Monroe was born on the 12th of December 1951, in Toxey, Alabama. She is the third child of her parents. She grew up in Ohio. Later in 1973, she migrated to Richmond, California. Moreover, Monroe was the first one in the family to receive a high school degree. She started to write short stories at the age of 4 and keep practising. In addition, she did not go to college or take any writing courses to learn writing. Mary is divorced and a parent of 2 children, now lives in Oakland. She always tries to pen bestseller books. Monroe is a prolific writer. She explores the world while writing novels about her experience and the individuals she meets.

In 2001, she won Oakland Pen Award in the category of Best Fiction of the Year. In 2014, She received the Best Southern Author Award for her book, Gonna Lay Down My Burdens. She received Maya Angelou Lifetime Achievement Award in the year 2016. In 2017, She earned a J. California Cooper Memorial Award. Her book, God Don’t Like Ugly made its name on the Vest-Seller list of The New York Times in 2006.

Who is the narrator of the Family of Lies audiobook?

The narrators of the Family of Lies audiobook are Ezra Knight, Patricia R. Floyd, Lisa Smith

What is the length of the Family of Lies audiobook?

The length of the Family of Lies audiobook is 15 hours.

When was the Family of Lies audiobook published?

Recorded Books published the Family of Lies audiobook in May 2014.