Finding Ashley Audiobook

Finding Ashley Audiobook

What is Finding Ashley audiobook about?

Finding Ashley audiobook is a classic narrative of a mother Melissa, her sufferings at the loss of one of her children to cancer, plus her desire of finding her another abandoned kid.

Melissa Henderson, the protagonist of the Finding Ashley audiobook, has a solitary existence. Her remote home, a Victorian-styled mansion situated in the mountains. There she spends her time renovating and arranging. Melissa’s loneliness is a result of the traumas she has witnessed in her life. Her life completely loses its meaning after she lost her son because of cancer and her marriage ended in divorce. She has also given up on a once-promising literary career.

In Finding Ashley audiobook, when the fire broke out and endanger her house, Melissa’s sister, Hattie calls her, after many years as she was in the convent. Melissa confides to Hattie about the agony she bears as well as the truth that she had previously been an unmarried mother during an evening talk. The baby delivered at that time was given up for adoption for saving the family reputation. Hattie became distressed after discovering this news from her elder sister and decides to assist her. As a result, she sets off on a quest to locate Melissa’s daughter, Ashley. Would she be able to locate her?  Finding Ashley audiobook free is Danielle Steel’s dramatic saga.

Finding Ashley audiobook free is a masterwork of contemporary tragedy that presents a captivating storey of the individual spirit’s endurance in pursuing an unachievable desire. It’s the narrative of two courageous, strong women who convert heartbreaking tragedy into healing, as well as the family reunited when deep secrets were revealed.

Who is the author of Finding Ashley audiobook?

Danielle Steel wrote The Finding Ashley audiobook.

Danielle Steel was born on the 14th of August 1947. Diana is a popular romance novelist in the United States. Over eight hundred million copies of books sold. She is a successful writer and the 4th bestselling fantasy writer till now.  Diana has written almost 190 books till 2021, with around 141 novels.

Steel started to write narratives from her childhood and began writing poems in her teenage years. Furthermore, she aspired to be a nun as a child, having been brought up Catholic. Moreover, she pursued literary and fashion design from Parsons School of Design and later at NY University after graduating from the Lycée Français de New York in 1965.

Steel has spent the majority of her work life in California, where she has published multiple novels per year while managing up to 5 works at once. Almost all of her books, such as those published in hardback, had been blockbusters. Her approach is quite similar, depicting wealthy families in perilous situations, typically containing dark aspects like incarceration, deceit, blackmail, and tragedy.

She has also written and published books and poetry for children and fundraised for mental health care. Her works were translated into almost 43 languages, with 22 of them being turned into tv programs, 2 of which having been nominated for Golden Globes. Her work is consist of both fiction and non-fiction.

Who is the narrator of Finding Ashley audiobook?

The narrator of the Finding Ashley audiobook is Michael Braun. Other audiobooks that Michael Braun has also narrated are The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Vol. 1, 1929-1964, Six Years in the Hanoi Hilton, and The Names of the Dead.

What is the length of Finding Ashley audiobook?

The length of the Finding Ashley audiobook is 8 hours and 15 minutes.

When was Finding Ashley audiobook published?

Recorded Books, Inc. published the Finding Ashley audiobook on 04/27/2021.