Guild Master Audiobook

Guild Master Audiobook

What is Guild Master: A LitRPG Adventure audiobook about?

Guild Master audiobook is about a second life chance to live in a new universe. Guild Master audiobook features RPG tables and mechanics and is a science fiction and action-adventure narrative.

In Guild Master audiobook, Morgan was an ordinary man. He was a caustic character. He only has his guildmates as his friends.  Although he has dated, he was not at all good around females. He attended college during the day and enjoyed online games at night, driving his guild towards new triumphs. Then a vehicle struck him and a man in a wetsuit appeared there.  The man gave him a chance to live in a realm he had constructed, a land with laws identical to those found in Morgan’s favourite games. If Morgan succeeds in completing the Tower of Power, he claims, he will be rewarded with tremendous riches and power.

In Guild Master audiobook free, Morgan didn’t generally trust people who had god complexes, and yet he had been pinched. On the one side of the tunnel, there was a strange person claiming that he isn’t a god, and bright lighting appeared on another side, while he wasn’t digging light. As a result, he accepted the deal given by the surfer god.

In Guild Master audiobook free, Morgan had not really been a fan of being thrown into a weird new realm with no knowledge of what the laws are. And where everyone in this odd realm appeared to be trying to devour his head. He was fortunate enough that he came across two elf twins. These two twin half-elf helped him in exploring this odd new realm. All he has to do is to stay alive till he reaches the Tower.

Who is the author of Guild Master: A LitRPG Adventure audiobook?

Ivan Kal wrote Guild Master audiobook.

Ivan Kal is an Amazon best-selling author who creates fast-paced, action-packed stories in a variety of genres, including Fantasy, Science Fiction, and literary role-playing game (LitRPG).  He created the space opera series of Rise of the Empire.

Many of his stories are set in a common universe known as Kalverse, featuring characters from every book appearing in the others, yet each book stands alone that has its own characters. Furthermore, He’s presently focusing on four series that is set in Kalverse, as well as one standalone web serial narrative set in a distinct imaginary realm.

Ivan Kal has spent many years studying electronics, information technology, and website designing. But, inspired by his passion for reading and desire to share stories, he began writing. Moreover, Martial arts, film and television, and gaming are among his other passions.

He did a wonderful work as an author presenting his book in a way that kept people interested in the plot. The author describes the material in an easy-to-understand manner. People are startled multiple times in his work due to his distinctive writing style.

Who is the narrator of Guild Master: A LitRPG Adventure audiobook?

The narrator of Guild Master audiobook is  Ryan Burke. Other audiobooks that  Ryan Burke has also narrated are Confessions of a Public Speaker, Cabal of The Westford Knight, and A Fistful of Elven Gold.

What is the length of Guild Master: A LitRPG Adventure audiobook?

The length of Guild Master audiobook is 8 hours and 16 minutes.

When was Guild Master: A LitRPG Adventure audiobook published?

Tantor Audio published Guild Master audiobook on 01/29/2019.