Hatchet Audiobook

Hatchet Audiobook

What is Hatchet audiobook about?

Hatchet audiobook revolves around Brian Robeson, a 13-year-old boy who succeeds in his struggle to survive alone in the wilderness. At the start of Hatchet audiobook,  Brian’s parents had recently split, which Brian finds upsetting. Brian is on his way to see his father when the pilot of his bush aeroplane has a heart attack. Brian is forced to crash-land the aeroplane in a remote wilderness lake, leaving him stuck alone.

In Hatchet audiobook, Brian learns to live in the enormous wilderness with only his hatchet after the plane crash. He learns to use the hatchet to make fire and eats any food he can find. He deals with a variety of natural dangers. Brian improves his survival abilities and becomes a skilled woodsman over time. To help in his hunting, he makes a bow, arrows, and a fishing spear. He also builds a shelter out of the underbelly of a cliff. Brian battles with memories of home and the unpleasant memory of his mother, whom Brian had found cheating on his father before their divorce, throughout his time alone. Brian is upset as an aircraft flies overhead but does not notice him.

In Hatchet audiobook free, Though he loses his will for a moment, even attempting suicide by wounding himself with the hatchet but get back to it with his strong determination.

At last, In Hatchet audiobook free, the tornado destroys Brian’s shelter and food supplies, but it also exposes the plane’s tail. Brian discovers the survival kit. It includes a variety of goods as well as an emergency transmitter. Brian, thinking the transmitter doesn’t work, turns it on and off a few times before tossing it aside and falling asleep. The next morning, a bush pilot rescues him because of the transmitter after 54 days alone.

Who is the author of Hatchet audiobook?

Gary Paulsen wrote Hatchet audiobook.

Gary James Paulsen was born on May 17, 1939. He is a young adult author from the United States, best known for his wilderness-themed coming-of-age novels. He is the writer of almost 200 novels, as well as over 200 magazine articles, short tales, and plays, all aimed largely at teens. In 1997, he received the Margaret Edwards Award from the American Library Association for his lifelong commitment to teen literature.

In 1983, Paulsen competed in the 1,150-mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, standing on 41st position among 54 competitors. Due to heart illness, Paulsen chose to retire from dog sledging in 1990, which he regarded as the painful choice ever made. Paulsen cruised the Pacific for more than a decade before returning to dog sledging in 2003. Paulsen is an outdoorsman who keeps a 40-acre ranch north of Willow, Alaska. There he raises and trains sledge dogs for the Iditarod.

Paulsen’s work depicts mostly the outdoors emphasising the value of nature. In his books, he frequently employs “coming of age” ideas in his works, in which a protagonist learns to survive in solitude and gains wisdom. The board nominated six of Paulsen’s works published between 1983 and 1990 for the annual prize in 1997: Dancing Carl, Hatchet, The Crossing, The Winter Room, Canyons, and Woodsong. Dogsong, Hatchet, and The Winter Room were all finalists for the Newbery Medal, the American Library Association’s annual book prize for children’s literature.

Gary Paulsen is a well-known author of contemporary literature for young readers. He is 82 years old and lives in Alaska, New Mexico, Minnesota, and the Pacific.

Who is the narrator of Hatchet audiobook?

The narrator of Hatchet audiobook is Peter Coyote. Other audiobooks that Peter Coyote has also narrated are The Four Agreements, The River, and The Voice of Knowledge.

What is the length of Hatchet audiobook?

The length of Hatchet audiobook is 3 hours and 42 minutes.

When was Hatchet audiobook published?

Listening Library published Hatchet audiobook on 10/31/2003.