Heart of Darkness Audiobook

Heart of Darkness Audiobook

What is Heart of Darkness audiobook about?

Heart of Darkness audiobook is a story about the suffering, agony, sickness, death, and horror of human existence in Africa’s wilderness.

In Heart of Darkness audiobook, while on a ship, Charles Marlow, a sailor, tells his fellow passengers about the circumstances that led to his appointment as captain of a river riverboat. He was chosen for a long voyage to Africa in search of Mr Kurtz. Marlow arrives at his company station, where he sees the ill-looking Africans who laboured on the railroad and are now waiting for their deaths since the Whites forced them to overwork. He also hears Mr Kurtz’s views there. He then proceeds to the Central Station.

In Heart of Darkness audiobook, when he arrives, he discovers the terrible news that the steamboat has been involved in an accident. It takes months to fix the steamboat. The manager of the Central Station informs Marlow that Locals like Kurtz, but he dislikes him. After repairing the riverboat, he arrives at Marlow’s station and meets a Russian who happens to be with Kurtz. He informs Marlow that the Natives revere him and that his health is deteriorating. He sees the manager and Kurtz in a terrible state at the station.

In Heart of Darkness audiobook free, Marlow learns that the company intended to murder Kurtz. His condition is deteriorating as a result of his disease. The following day, they begin their descent. Their boat breaks down on the route, and Kurtz is about to die. “The horror! The horror!” Kurtz exclaims to Marlow as he dies. Marlow becomes sick as well. He does, however, survive. In the end, in Heart of Darkness audiobook free, he visits Kurtz’s fiancée, who requests Kurtz’s final words, and Marlow lies, telling her that his last words were her name.

Who is the author of Heart of Darkness audiobook?

Joseph Conrad wrote Heart of Darkness audiobook.

Joseph Conrad was born on December 3, 1857. He was an author from Berdychiv, Ukraine, recognised as one of the finest to have written in English. Even though he didn’t know English well until his thirties, he grew into a remarkable prose stylist, infusing English literature with a non-English perspective. Conrad wrote books and stories on the struggles of the spiritual realm in the light of everything he saw as an indifferent, incomprehensible world, generally with a nautical backdrop.

Conrad spent a year at secondary school in the Austrian region of Galicia in 1868. He with his father went to Cracow, Poland, the same year. there his father passed away in 1869. Conrad became fond of literature as a result of his stay with his dad, particularly narratives of the sea. Following his father’s passing, Conrad’s uncle adopted and reared him.

Conrad regarded as a modernist, even though his books retain aspects of 19th-century reality. His storytelling style and characters such as Lord Jim has affected many authors. His works have inspired several dramatic films. Several authors and critics have noted that Conrad’s fictitious writings, primarily written in the beginning decades of the twentieth century, foreshadowed later happenings.

Conrad died on 3 August 1924, at the age of 66, at his home, Oswalds, in Bishopsbourne, Kent, England. He died of a heart attack.

Who is the narrator of Heart of Darkness audiobook?

The narrator of Heart of Darkness audiobook is Kenneth Branagh. Other audiobooks that Kenneth Branagh has also narrated are The Man with the Golden Gun, Death on the Nile, and Murder on the Orient Express.

What is the length of Heart of Darkness audiobook?

The length of Heart of Darkness audiobook is 3 hours and 49 minutes.

When was Heart of Darkness audiobook published?

Audible Studios published Heart of Darkness audiobook on 11/23/1.