Horus Rising Audiobook

Horus Rising Audiobook

What is Horus Rising audiobook about?

Horus Rising audiobook is the very first novel in the series of Horus Heresy. It chronicles the reign of Horus, the Warmaster and Primarch of Luna Wolves Regiment. As the King of Humanity chooses him Commander of the Empire Legion and sets him as the head of the Great War.

Horus Rising audiobook, the first book in the series, takes place in the early days of the 31st century, the 203rd year since the Great War. It tells the tale of Horus, the Primarch of the Luna Wolves regiment of Space Marines as well as the Emperor’s most capable and beloved son.  The Emperor had officially elected him Warmaster, supreme leadership of Imperial armed forces. Simultaneously leaving horus in command of the remaining Crusade. Meanwhile, the Emperor goes to Terra. There he works on a private mission that nobody knows.

Horus Rising audiobook is centred on Gavriel Loken, the commander of the 10th company of Luna Wolves and a Space Marine Lieutenant. He joins the Mournival, Horus’ unofficial advisory council. He also took part in Crusade missions over anti-Imperial communities of humans and aliens known as Xenos in the book. The narrative also alluded to difficulties in the fledgling Imperium, which were worsened by the absence of Emperor and disputed acts and lack of actions.

In Horus Rising audiobook free, the author builds an ambience in a moment and easily pull the audience into the scene. This narrative depicts the most astonishing happenings in the Luna Wolves history, and it will never be forgotten. Horus Rising audiobook free, one of 25 novels in the Horus Heresy series, marks the start of conflict within the legions.

Who is the author of Horus Rising audiobook?

Dan Abnett wrote Horus Rising audiobook.

Dan Abnett was born on the 12th of October 1965. He is a writer of novels and comic books from England. He has worked on novels for Marvel Comics and the UK imprint, Marvel UK. Abnett has been a regular collaborator with writing partner Andy Lanning. He had also worked for Detective Comics. His Warhammer Fiction, Warhammer 40,000 books and graphic novels for Black Library of Games Workshop currently count in the dozens, with over 2 million copies sold. Furthermore, Angry Robot Books published his first literary fantasy book in 2009.

Abnett majored in English and enrolled in 1984  at St Edmund Hall, Oxford, graduating in 1987. As among the most productive 2000 AD authors, Abnett was notable for the conception of Sinister Dexter, one of the most well-known and oldest comics. He has also authored several notable continuing series in comics, notably Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper and  Durham Red. Moreover, his Marvel works include runs on Guardians of the Galaxy, Battletide, Death’s Head 2, Knights of Pendragon, and several other works.

Abnett has worked extensively on Marvel’s epic characters. Abnett and Lanning accepted an exclusive agreement with Marvel in 2008. They hoped that it would allow them additional time to concentrate on the epic characters they had been working on. He has also created a limited series based on Iron Man. He also collaborated on Fusion, a Marvel/Top Cow crossover comic. In 2010,  Abnett authored the script of  Ultramarines, a CGI film produced by Codex Pictures and Games Workshop. He currently resides in Maidstone, Kent.

Who is the narrator of Horus Rising audiobook?

The narrator of Horus Rising audiobook is Toby Longworth. Other audiobooks that Toby Longworth has also narrated are Guns of Tanith, Tales of Heresy, and Galaxy in Flames.

What is the length of Horus Rising audiobook?

The length of Horus Rising audiobook is 12 hours and 14 minutes.

When was Horus Rising audiobook published?

Black Library published Horus Rising audiobook on 01/01/17.