Hour of the Witch Audiobook

Hour of the Witch Audiobook

What is the Hour of the Witch audiobook about?

In Hour of the Witch audiobook, a beautiful Puritan lady plans her escape out of a toxic relationship. She is honest, smart, but scared of the horrors that haunt her soul.

In the Hour of the Witch audiobook, Mary Deerfield, the protagonist, is a deeply religious 24-year-old lady of extraordinary beauty and intelligence. Mary is Thomas Deerfield’s second wife in this New World, within this society of saints. Mary comes from a well-to-do family that moved to Boston from England to increase the Deerfield trade business. In Hour of the Witch audiobook, Thomas, Mary’s husband, is a psychopathically violent mill owner and hides his terrible conduct from his community throughout the majority of their marriage, which is unknown to Mary’s parents as well. When Thomas, who is driven to drunken anger, smashes a fork into Mary’s hand, she decides to divorce him to protect her life. Mary is yearning for a divorce at a place where there have only been seven divorces since 1662, all for infidelity, violence and infertility.

However, in a world where everyone is on the lookout for evidence of evil, a lady like Mary, who has hidden impulses making it hard to abide by the town’s flagrant deception, quickly becomes the target of suspicion yet gossip. In the Hour of the Witch audiobook free,  poisoned artefacts found hidden inside Mary’s garden, a kid she had treated using herbs dies, as well as the girl who works there flees her house crying in terror, Mary must struggle not just to escape from this abusive marriage and also from the gallows.

Hour of the Witch audiobook free is a fascinating and horrifying narrative of socially accepted violence and the witch hunt, told in a twisted, masterfully structured historical thriller book.

Who is the author of the Hour of the Witch audiobook?

Chris Bohjalian wrote the Hour of the Witch audiobook.

Chris A. Bohjalian is a novelist who is Armenian-American and has written 20 books. Three of Bohjalian’s books turned into movies, and his writing has translated into almost 30 languages. The Flight Attendant, his novel also made into a tv drama.

Chris Bohjalian received his bachelor’s degree with honours from Amherst College. There he was a part of a Phi Beta Kappa Society. Furthermore, he served as a representative of account for J. Walter Thompson, an NYC advertisement firm, in the 1980s. In 1988, Bohjalian and Victoria Blewer, his wife relocated to Lincoln, Vermont.

Bohjalian started writing weekly essays for several magazines and newspapers in Lincoln. From 1992 till 2015, his column appeared in the Burlington Free Press. He won the Vermont Press Association’s Best Lifestyle Column award. Moreover, Bohjalian has contributed articles to Cosmopolitan, The New York Times, the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, among other publications.

His third novel, Past the Bleachers, published in 1992. It was made into a tv movie in the year 1995. Midwives, Bohjalian’s 5th novel,  published in 1997. Oprah Winfrey chose the book as the selection of Oprah’s Book Club in 1998 because of its critical praise.  It quickly rose to the top of the USA Today and NY Times bestseller lists. The book turned into a tv film in 2001.

In addition, Bohjalian books are frequently character-driven, centring around complicated and imperfect protagonists and minor characters, and they often emphasize a certain problem, like homelessness, animal welfare, and ecology.

Who is the narrator of the Hour of the Witch audiobook?

The narrators of the Hour of the Witch audiobook are Arthur Morey, Mark Bramhall, Kirby Heyborne, Cassandra Campbell, Mark Deakins, Rebecca Lowman, Danny Campbell, Julia Whelan, Saskia Maarleveld, Kaleo Griffith, and Grace Experience

What is the length of the Hour of the Witch audiobook?

The length of the Hour of the Witch audiobook is 14 hours and 8 minutes.

When was the Hour of the Witch audiobook published?

Random House Audio published the Hour of the Witch audiobook on 05/04/21.