I Want You Gone Audiobook

I Want You Gone Audiobook

What is I Want You Gone audiobook about?

I Want You Gone audiobook is a psychological thriller. It’s the kind of crime drama that keeps you wondering throughout the narrative about who did it. I Want You Gone audiobook follows  Laura, a divorced working lady.

In I Want You Gone audiobook, Laura is an estate dealer who has been shortlisted for an award. But suddenly someone posted about her death on Facebook when her daughter, Mel saw the post she called her mother to check whether she’s alright or not. and this is the time when laura discovers about her death post after her daughter’s call. However,  Laura continues, and then she encounters the handsome Dr Ben Logan, who appears to be a womaniser and cheater, according to Anna, her friend. At a property showing, she runs into an old school friend, Eddy, who attempts a move at her.

In I Want You Gone audiobook free, But afterwards, things go wrong, Laura’s boss receives some of her intimate pictures. A death certificate of her is also discovered, and she thinks that she was assaulted or raped by Ben, her boyfriend because she can’t recall anything else after their date night. she is also fired from her work. As Laura is gradually breaking down, Anna and Jenny, her friends are just there to help her. They all are trying to understand the situation, meanwhile, Mel went missing!

Who has kidnapped her? Who is attempting to destroy Laura’s happiness, plus how this all is connected to Becky, Laura’s sister? I Want You Gone audiobook free is a fantastic, complex and captivated novel that will keep you wondering while entertaining you. It’s everything you desire in a mystery thriller: dark, dramatic, and a compelling plot with characters you could root for.

Who is the author of I Want You Gone audiobook?

Miranda Rijks wrote I Want You Gone audiobook.

Miranda Rijks is the writer of Inkubator Books’ psychological thrillers. The Visitors, The Influencer, The Arrangement, Roses Are Red, Deserve To Die, You Are Mine, I Want You Gone are some of the best-selling books. What She Knew, her latest psychological thriller was released in 2021.

However, she also writes in other genres including self-help, business and her biography. Her biography book, Don’t Call Me Brave, The Eccentric Entrepreneur, released by The History Press. Bloomsbury Publication released How Compatible Are You? a self-help guide.

Rijks holds a law degree, and a master’s degree in writing, as well as several certifications in psychological coaching and testing . She enjoys interacting with fans and can be reached on Goodreads, BookBub, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Rijks tried to assist beginner entrepreneurs to transform their thoughts into profitable enterprises before being a published author. Things changed when she was diagnosed with bone cancer, in 2015. She published a book titled Don’t Call Me Brave, which is partially based on her own experiences with cancer. She is now living her ambition of writing full-time psychological thrillers.

Rijks currently resides in West Sussex, England, along with her spouse, daughter, who is a musician and black Labradors. Whenever she’s not working on a book, she fantasises of residing in a Switzerland mountain chalet, knitting incessantly, and thinking of new wild business ideas.

Who is the narrator of I Want You Gone audiobook?

The narrator of I Want You Gone audiobook is Gemma Dawson. Other audiobooks that Gemma Dawson has also narrated are Playing Cat and Mouse, What The Cat Dragged In, and The Girl from the Sea.

What is the length of I Want You Gone audiobook?

The length of I Want You Gone audiobook is 8 hours and 15 minutes.

When was I Want You Gone audiobook published?

Tantor Audio published I Want You Gone audiobook on 03/17/20.