Infinite Jest Audiobook

Infinite Jest Audiobook

What is Infinite Jest audiobook about?

Infinite Jest audiobook has an unusual narrative structure, with four intertwined non-chronological storylines, 388 endnotes, and several with citations. Hal Incandenza, James and Avril’s son, is perhaps the Infinite Jest audiobook’s protagonist. Hal is an incredibly clever and excellent tennis player, but he is self-conscious about his capabilities.

Infinite Jest audiobook takes place in a future world in which Mexico, the USA and Canada have formed ONAN, the Organization of North American Nations. Years did not refer numerically, and the privilege to rename years auctioned off to the bidders of the highest corporate.

In Infinite Jest audiobook free, the work has several seemingly unrelated yet tenuously linked story strands. The action happens primarily in Massachusetts. Les Assassins des Fauteuils Rollents, an extreme rebel group, is attempting to undermine ONAN and gain Quebec autonomy. They aim to get a duplicate of the films “Infinite Jest” and “the Entertainment” and distribute it throughout the United States. The Entertainment is hazardous because of its addictive effects on audiences; the movie is so fascinating that individuals who watched it show no interest in anything at all and finally die. All through the narrative, officials of the Office of Unspecified Services attempt to discredit this aim by attempting to get the complete copy of the Entertainment to avoid its dissemination, or by developing an anti-Entertainment.

Infinite Jest audiobook free lacks a clear closure, despite Foster Wallace’s suggestion that there was still sufficient material for the audience to reach their findings, or that the narrative was complicated to understand.

Who is the author of Infinite Jest audiobook?

David Foster Wallace wrote Infinite Jest audiobook.

David Foster Wallace was born on the 21st of February 1962. He was a novelist, short storey writer, and essayist from the United States, as well as a lecturer of Literature and creative writing in university. Wallace renowned for his 1996 book Infinite Jest. Time magazine named it in the top 100 English books published between 1923 and 2005. His book, The Pale King published in 2011, was a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction nominee in 2012.

Wallace grew up in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. He went to Yankee Ridge Elementary and Urbana High School. Wallace went to Amherst College. There he excelled in philosophy and English receiving his bachelor’s degree with summa cum laude, the highest praise award in 1985. Wallace had decided to become a writer when he completed his honours thesis, which became the draft for his debut book, The Broom of the System published in 1987. After that, Wallace earned his MA in creative writing from the University of Arizona. He subsequently relocated to Massachusetts to join the graduate program at Harvard University for studying philosophy, but he quickly dropped out.

Wallace started teaching English as an assistant professor at Emerson College in 1991. Illinois State University hired Wallace as an English professor the following year. He’d started writing his second book, Infinite Jest, released in 1996. Moreover, Wallace earned a MacArthur Fellowship and the Aga Khan Prize for Fiction in 1997. In addition, After his death, his novel The Pale King published and receive largely good reviews. It was shortlisted for a Pulitzer Prize as well.

Wallace passed away on the 12th of September 2008, in Claremont, California, at the age of 46.

Who is the narrator of Infinite Jest audiobook?

The narrator of Infinite Jest audiobook is Sean Pratt. Other audiobooks that Sean Pratt has also narrated are The Body Keeps the Score, Hidden Valley Road, and The Death of Expertise.

What is the length of Infinite Jest audiobook?

The length of Infinite Jest audiobook is 56 hours and 12 minutes.

When was Infinite Jest audiobook published?

Hachette Audio published Infinite Jest audiobook on 04/09/12.