Legacy Audiobook

Legacy Audiobook

What is the Legacy audiobook about?

The legacy audiobook is a  family-centric story about the family of Risso. The legacy audiobook follows the daughter, Adrian Risso and her mother Lina Risso. A mystery thriller novel covers the life of Adrian from the age of 7 to 30. Adrian is a child star for a successful fitness company owned by her mother.

The legacy audiobook is about a reawakened traumatic past when Adrian’s father breaks into Lina’s house and tries to confront her for the failure of their marriage. The anger-driven man tries to attack them but succumbs to his death.

In the Legacy audiobook free, Adrian is used to her mothers travelling lifestyle for business. The only home she has is of her grandparents. Inspired by her mother’s successful business Adrian start her fitness line at seventeen with her best friends from her high school. After the demise of her grandmother, Adrian decides to finally settle down. She buys her own house with her grandfather. All of her friends start living nearby and therefore they become a loyal network who supports each other whether in every twist of life.

In the Legacy audiobook free, for years, Adrian is receiving poems with a threatening tone from unknown signs by the title “the poet”. Her mother ignores it but she can’t do anything except for finding the letter very unsettling. This becomes a fixture when she starts receiving these every year but she let the years pass by without any closure. The postmarks keep changing but one thing remains constant the menacing tone. Her happy and successful life with a blooming relationship might be in danger from this stalker. Nothing comes out of this until things start to takes escalating turn when the murders start.

Who is the author of the Legacy audiobook?

Nora Robert is the author of the Legacy audiobook

Nora Robert was born on the 10th of October 1950. She is a writer from America who has written more than 225 novels. Everyone in her family was a reader so books were always an important factor in her life. She attended catholic school and transferred to a public school during her second year in high school.

From 1999, every novel by Robert had been a NY Times bestseller, with 124 of her books appearing on the list. Twenty-nine of these made their debut at number one. Robert’s books spent a total of 948 weeks on the list of New York Times bestseller. Her books have been distributed in over 30 countries. Her works were printed in million of copies by 2009.

Robert was the organization’s first Hall of Fame inductee. She won the RWA Lifetime Achievement Award in 1997. In 2012, she has won a total of 21 of RWA’s RITA Awards, the highest honour given in the romance genre.

Robert is known for being the most charitable celebrity, with the Nora Roberts Foundation receiving the majority of her donations. She loves helping such children and plays her role in a society by bringing light in such lives. Her foundation provides financial support to groups that encourage reading and the arts, as well as organisations that help children and participate in humanitarian operations.

Who is the narrator of the Legacy audiobook?

The narrator of the Legacy audiobook is January Lavoy. Other audiobooks that January Lavoy has also narrated are The President’s Daughter, Summer on the Bluffs and How to Talk So Little Kids Will Listen.

What is the length of the Legacy audiobook?

The length of the Legacy audiobook is 14 hours and 57 minutes.

When was the Legacy audiobook published?

Audible Studios. published the Legacy audiobook on 11/07/2013.