Letters From The Past Audiobook

Letters From The Past Audiobook

What is Letters from the past audiobook about?

Letters from the past audiobook is a captivating tale of secrets, anonymous letters, relationships, and facts of history. The novel is so wonderfully written that all of the characters’ stories are told in a perfect way drawing people’s attention. It takes place in Milstead St Mary, a rural village. Several generations have lived together and ties have grown more complicated over time.

Letters from the past audiobook begin with Evelyn, a fascinating girl with a lot of secrets from her time at Bletchley Park. It’s fascinating to compare the life of Evelyn in the 1940s with 1962. Then it moves towards Isabella, a successful actress. She was not just acting in movies but also being appreciated.

Then, there’s Romiley, Jack’s widow hiding a secret for too long. In days of difficulties and struggle, she is the one to whom others go for help. She later meets Red working as a screenwriter in Hollywood. Stanley and Annelise have a romantic drama going on. When around women he remains nervous. His wartime scars and how his mom handled him are disclosing more of his life tale, revealing darker realities. In the Letters from the past audiobook, there’s also a look at violent relationships and power misuse. All the protagonists’ lives have unexpected turns and twists.

In the Letters from the past audiobook free, several narratives intertwine. There are low moments and terrible memories, yet they are all handled in a compassionate and engaging manner. Even minor characters have genuine and obvious motivations for their actions and words. Letters from the past audiobook free offer a wide array of perspectives into relationships, which exist beyond the strict boundaries and expectations.

Who is the author of Letters from the past audiobook?

Erica James wrote Letters from the past audiobook.

Erica James was born in the year 1960. She wrote romantic fictional novels. Most of her novels have been on the Sunday Times bestseller list. From the Romantic Novelists’ Association, she won the Romantic Novel of the Year Award (RoNA Award) in 2006 for Gardens of Delight.

She didn’t read classics novels when she was a kid. In addition, her book choices were centred on what she selected up off the shelves at the local public library, and it was most likely influenced by the attractiveness of the cover page. Agatha Christie and Enid Blyton were two of her favourite authors as a child.

She relocated to Suffolk a few years ago and has since authored three books based there. She enjoys writing about areas which she likes and has a deep connection. Someone questioned her why she hadn’t written a novel in a town in which she had previously lived for many years, she didn’t answer this question at that time but later in an interview, she told that she have no courage to tell them that she didn’t like that town and thus had no desire for spending a year residing there while working on a book!

She is divorced and resides in Italy with her two sons. After taking a creative writing program from the Arvon Foundation, she started writing. She has sold more than five million copies worldwide.

Who is the narrator of Letters from the past audiobook?

The narrator of Letters from the past audiobook is Jemma Redgrave. Other audiobooks that Jemma Redgrave has also narrated are Doctor Who: The Memory of Winter, and Ruth Ellis.

What is the length of Letters from the past audiobook?

The length of Letters from the past audiobook is 13 hours and 29 minutes.

When was Letters from the past audiobook published?

W. F. Howes Ltd published Letters from the past audiobook on 04/16/2020.