Live Me Audiobook

Live Me Audiobook

What is the Live Me audiobook about?

Live Me audiobook is a romantic and heartbreaking tale. It deals with a complex and real issue, and it depicts the emotional, physiological, and mental effects of the traumatic event. This is a story of agony and emotion with several situations that will make people cry, as well as a story of healing and hope that will illustrate the real power of truth and passionate love.

In the Live Me audiobook, Evangelina Ricci life is a nightmare, a relentless pain that takes her breath. She tries the only thing she could to retake control after she can no longer tolerate the torment.

Evangelina, accompanied by her closest friend Jace, strives to flee her terrible past by enrolling in college and plunging deeply into an ambitious routine, aiming to establish a career for her. The one and the only problem is that she can’t get away from all those evils she’s fighting. The evils that will always be within her, shattering her soul. Evangelina battles her nightmares while lying behind a beautiful facade, till her life is changed forever when she met Blake Turner.

In Live Me audiobook free, Blake Turner is smart, flirty, handsome, and he can’t get enough of Evangelina. Fearing he’ll discover the secret she’s been keeping hidden, Evangelina does her best for hiding the truth, assuming he is just like those other guys whom she has met so many times before but this time he is different. He is relentless. Absolutely, totally, and completely unrelenting. He loves her, he desires her, and he isn’t going to quit till she is his.

The Live Me audiobook free is tragic and painful at times, with several emotional gut-wrenching situations, yet it also brings hope, love and healing, as well as the life-changing miracles with these three.

Who is the author of the Live Me audiobook?

Celeste Grande wrote the Live Me audiobook.

Celeste Grande brought up adoring words. It was natural for her to express her emotions through paper and a pen and come up with beautiful writings from a young age. She never expected anything other than the relief of her feelings from her heart. She’s a workaholic who can’t sit free in her actual life, where she works as a Certified Public Accountant and obsesses about writing romance novels all day. When she is not working, she enjoys reading, writing, parenting, and taking care of her husband. She’s recently moved to Florida, New York, USA.

Celeste is most well-known for her first novel, Live Me, published in 2015. Promise You Forever, her second book, released in 2016. Her novel, Breath You, published in 2018. Both Live Me and Breath You are books from the Broken Pieces series. Furthermore, she writes adult romance adding a touch of satire to spice things up.

Although Live Me was Grande’s first book, it was difficult to believe as her storytelling was so excellent and magnificent. Her beautiful and fluent language, as well as her meticulous narrative, resulted in a very remarkable novel. Moreover, she has an uncanny ability to make readers fall in love with the characters in the books she writes. She puts her heart, soul and mind into her exquisite writing every time. Grande always does justice with her book characters, plotline and audience. Most astoundingly and amazingly, she brought her novel and everything in it to life.

Who is the narrator of the Live Me audiobook

The narrators of the Live Me audiobook are Brian Pallino and Cj Bloom.

What is the length of the Live Me audiobook?

The length of the Live Me audiobook is 13 hours and 32 minutes.

When was the Live Me audiobook published?

Tantor Audio published the Live Me audiobook in April 2019.