Local Woman Missing Audiobook

Local Woman Missing Audiobook

What is the Local Woman Missing audiobook about?

Local Woman Missing audiobook is a mystery-thriller involving a sequence of missing women as well as the reappearance of a missing girl.

In the Local Woman Missing audiobook, two missing cases took place 11 years ago, first the missing of a housewife and another being a mom and her little daughter, Delilah. Delilah had been found in the current time. The question of if the missing people were linked remains unanswered. The novel then flips among 3  timelines to describe its narrative.

In the Local Woman Missing audiobook, when Meredith and her daughter, Delilah go missing in a small town, the community comes together to search for them. Josh, Meredith’s spouse, is a nervous wreck. Josh and Meredith’s younger son, Leo, has no idea where his mother and older sister have gone. The revelation that another lady from the neighbourhood disappeared just weeks prior has only added to everybody’s fear. This lady was Meredith’s patient, who she assisted during a complicated pregnancy.

In the Local Woman Missing audiobook, Cops found Meredith’s body in the motel room. Her death appeared to be a suicide. She writes Josh a letter saying that he can never meet Delilah.

Meanwhile, the kidnappers keep that young girl in the underground basement thousands of miles away. Her kidnappers torture her. The one saving grace for the youngster is that she is confined with Gus, a little boy like her.  The children plot a rescue after many years of torture. The girl’s release from captivity sets in motion a chain of events that makes an unidentified murderer very nervous.

This neighbourhood and these people must untangle the mysteries of the horrible happenings from several years in the past in this exciting and meticulously crafted domestic mystery, Local Woman Missing audiobook free.

Who is the author of the Local Woman Missing audiobook?

Mary Kubica wrote the Local Woman Missing audiobook.

Mary Kubica is a famous novelist who has been featured in the USA Today and NY Times. The Good Girl, Don’t You Cry, Pretty Baby, Every Last Lie, The Other Mrs., Local Missing Women and When the Lights Go Out are among her 7 suspense books.

Mary used to be a history teacher at high school.  Mary did her BA in History and American Literature from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She is married and had two children. She resides with her family outside Chicago. There she loves photographing, gardening, and looking after animals at local animal shelters.

 Her first book, The Good Girl, got nominated for a Strand Critics Award in the category of  Best Debut Novel. In 2014, she was also a Goodreads Choice Award nominee in the category of Debut Goodreads Writer and mystery thriller. Mary’s books had published in more than 30 languages and also have sold more than 2 million copies around the world.  Kirkus, Chicago Tribune, and Los Angeles Times and many others have admired her work.

Kubica have an interest in writing from her childhood. She started to write her debut published book shortly after her child was born in 2005. She completed a draught of THE GOOD GIRL 5 years later, and 4 years later, after numerous rejections, published in 2014 and acclaimed. Though her relatives and friends tend to assume they see themselves in the story characters, her works are entirely imaginary. It could be something she does unconsciously. She intends to write thriller and mystery novels and cannot envision penning anything else.

Who is the narrator of the Local Woman Missing audiobook?

The narrators of the Local Woman Missing audiobook are Brittany Pressley, Jesse Vilinsky, Gary Tiedemann, Jennifer Jill Araya

What is the length of the Local Woman Missing audiobook?

The length of the Local Woman Missing audiobook is 11 hours and 40 minutes.

When was the Local Woman Missing audiobook published?

Harlequin Audio published the Local Woman Missing audiobook on 05/18/2021.