Lolita Audiobook

Lolita Audiobook

What is Lolita audiobook about?

Lolita audiobook is the provocative narrative of a man’s romantic relationship with his little stepdaughter. Lolita audiobook is a genre mash-up, with aspects of romance, sensuality, and mystery.

In the Lolita audiobook, Humbert describes his European youth and academic background, as well as his heartbreaking love towards Annabel Leigh, whose demise deeply affected him. Humbert has become obsessed with young females who have a secret enticing charm.

Humbert arrives at Ramsdale town in New England.  He lives in an apartment of Charlotte Haze, a widow because her lovely daughter, Lolita, reminded him of his love, Annabel. Humbert is smitten with Lolita and infatuated with her. Humbert married Haze unwillingly because it is the only way of keeping Lolita close to him. When Haze learns of Humbert’s feelings, he abandons him. Unfortunately, a car hit her and she died. To lolita, Humbert conveys the news of her mom’s death.

In the Lolita audiobook free, if Lolita didn’t comply with Humbert’s sensual desires, he warns to place her in a children’s home. Trapp, a person who seems to be Humbert’s relative, follows them, and Lolita is in touch with him. Humbert admits Lolita to the  hospital, and a man looking like Trapp abducts her. He gets a message from Lolita, already married and expecting, begging for cash after 2 years.

As Humbert goes to meet Lolita and her husband, he discovers that her kidnapper was a writer, Clare Quilty, Lolita’s love. He spurned her when she declined to feature in his pornography videos.

In the Lolita audiobook free, Humbert discovers Quilty’s residence and murders him after speaking with him. Humbert gets caught and imprisoned, where he completes his memoir. He died shortly after in prison and Lolita died during giving birth to her baby.

Who is the author of the Lolita audiobook?

Vladimir Nabokov wrote the Lolita audiobook.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov was born on the 10th of April 1899 in Russia. He was an author, poet, linguist, and entomologist. He spent his early years in Berlin, where he authored his first 9 books in Russian. After migrating to the U.s, he started to write novels in English, he gained international praise and fame. Nabokov became a Citizen of the United States in 1945, later Nabokov and his family relocated to Montreux, Switzerland, in 1961.

During his youth, Nabokov embarked on his earliest significant writing pursuits. His debut book, Stikhi, a book of 68 poems in Russian, published in 1916. He was a student at Tenishev School in St Petersburg at the time, and his teacher had ridiculed his literary achievements. Vladimir attended the University of Cambridge’s Trinity College, where he studied zoology before moving on to Romance and Slavic. languages. Nabokov subsequently reflected his University experiences in the books Glory and The Real Life of Sebastian Knight.

Lolita, published in 1955, ranked 4th on the Modern Library 100 Best Novels list in 2007, Pale Fire, published in 1962, ranked 53rd on the very same list, and his autobiography, Speak, Memory, authored in 1951, ranked 8th on Random House’s list of the greatest nonfiction of the twentieth century. Furthermore, he was a nominee for the National Book Award for Fiction seven times. Nabokov was a skilled lepidopterist.

He was writing a novel called The Original of Laura during his last days.  He passed away on the 2nd of July 1977, in Montreux, Switzerland, at the age of 78.

Who is the narrator of the Lolita audiobook?

The narrator of the Lolita audiobook is Jeremy Irons. Other audiobooks that Jeremy Irons has also narrated are Manuscript Found in Accra, Empire of the Sun, and The Steadfast Tin Soldier.

What is the length of the Lolita audiobook?

The length of the Lolita audiobook is 11 hours and 28 minutes.

When was the Lolita audiobook published?

Random House Audio published the Lolita audiobook on 09/26/2005.