Metro 2033 Audiobook

Metro 2033 Audiobook

What is Metro 2033 audiobook about?

Metro 2033 audiobook is post-apocalyptic fantasy work. Metro 2033 audiobook takes place in the Moscow Metro in the year 2033, in which the remaining survivors of a worldwide nuclear apocalypse hide. It follows Artyom, the protagonist.

In Metro 2033 audiobook, the entire planet has turned to ruins. Mankind is on the verge of extinction. Radiation has rendered the partially destroyed cities unsustainable. Survivors recall humanity’s grandeur in the earlier years. However, the final vestiges of civilisation are now a fading memory, the thing of myth as well as folklore. Over 20 years had elapsed since the final plane left the ground. Corroded rails lead to nothing. Man has delegated earth governance to new creatures. They are well acclimated to the different world since they have been transformed by radiation. The human’s era has ended.

In Metro 2033 audiobook free, a few thousand people remain, unsure if they’re the last ones remaining in World. They reside in Moscow Metro, the world’s largest air-raid station. It is humankind’s ultimate shelter. Stations have evolved into mini-states, with people joining behind ideals, faiths, water-filters, and the basic necessity to repel an invading invasion. It’s a planet without a future, without any place for aspirations, goals, or wishes. Instinct has taken the place of emotions, the most crucial of that is existence. VDNKh is the route’s northern populated stop. It’s the Metro’s top station and is still safe. However, a terrible and terrifying danger has emerged.

In Metro 2033 audiobook free, Artyom, a man from VDNKh, got the task of entering the core of the Metro and the renowned Polis, to notify everybody of the terrible threat and obtain aid. He controls the destiny of his hometown station, the entire Metro, and possibly the entire human race in his hands.

Who is the author of Metro 2033 audiobook?

Dmitry Glukhovsky wrote Metro 2033 audiobook.

Dmitry Alexeevich Glukhovsky was born on the 12th of June 1979. She is a journalist and author renowned for his science-fantasy book Metro 2033 and its sequence. Dmitry Glukhovsky has served as a journalist for EuroNews and RT. Glukhovsky has resided in Israel, France, and Germany but now resides in Moscow.

Glukhovsky went to Arbat District school and chosen to be a writer, came up with the concept of Metro 2033 when he was 15 years old. When he was 17 he went to  Israel for studies. There he stayed for almost five years  He learnt Hebrew and obtained a graduation degree from Hebrew University in Journalism and International Relations.

When Glukhovsky was 18, he started writing Metro 2033, his first book which he later released on his webpage in 2002 as an intuitive project for anyone to enjoy for free. The novel first released in printing in 2005, grew into a global series that included a computer game series. Metro 2034, released in 2009, was also available online for a free read.

Between 2002 to 2007, he served in Lyon, France, for the worldwide European media network EuroNews. He had also served for Deutsche Welle, a German radio station, and Sky News, a British television channel. He served for Radio Mayak between 2007 to 2009. As a war journalist, he witnessed the 2006 Lebanon War, penning articles under mortar shelling.

He wedded Elena Glukhovskaya, the producer. They have two kids. Glukhovsky stated on VDud that they separated in 2020.

Who is the narrator of Metro 2033 audiobook?

The narrator of Metro 2033 audiobook is Rupert Degas. Other audiobooks that Rupert Degas has also narrated are The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, A Wild Sheep Chase, and The Name of the Wind.

What is the length of Metro 2033 audiobook?

The length of Metro 2033 audiobook is 20 hours and 1 minute.

When was Metro 2033 audiobook published?

Audible Studios published Metro 2033 audiobook on 11/19/13.