Moby Dick Audiobook

Moby Dick Audiobook

What is Moby Dick audiobook about?

Moby Dick audiobook is an incredible story about the journey of the whaling ship Pequod and its captain, Ahab. When they hunt the enormous Sperm Whale, Moby Dick across the world. Ishmael, a sailor on the Pequod, is the novel’s narrator, and he embarks on the journey because he loves the sea.

Moby Dick audiobook centres around Captain Ahab and his obsession with a gigantic whale named Moby Dick. Years ago, the whale had bitten Ahab’s leg and left him stomping the decks of his ship on a prosthetic leg. In Moby Dick audiobook, Ahab obsession with killing the whale is too much that he is willing to risk his life, the safety of his crewmates, and even his ship to track down and slay his enemy, Moby Dick.

In Moby Dick audiobook free, Ahab and his crew embark on their perilous trip, encountering a variety of challenges along the way. Ishmael’s friend Queequeg becomes unwell, prompting the construction of a coffin in preparation for something worse. Later when he recovers, Ishmael uses the coffin as a substitute lifeboat for saving his life. Ahab is given a premonition by a crew member about his impending death, which he disregards.

Ahab fights with Moby Dick in a three-day battle until the whale wrecks the ship, killing all except Ishmael. Fortunately, Ishmael tossed off from the ship and away from the action, allowing him to escape unharmed. In Moby Dick audiobook free, Ishmael is the lone survivor, floating on Queequeg’s coffin. The next day, Rachel, who is still hunting for the crew members she lost in her previous encounter with Moby Dick, comes to his rescue. Thus, it is a revenge narrative that ends with death.

Who is the author of Moby Dick audiobook?

Herman Melville wrote Moby Dick audiobook.

Herman Melville was born on August 1st, 1819. He was an author, short story writer, and poet who lived during the American Renaissance. Moby-Dick, published in 1851, Typee, published in 1846, a romanticized description of his experiences in Polynesia, and Billy Budd, Sailor, a posthumously written novel, are among his finest works. Moby-Dick is one of America’s greatest novels.

Melville was born in New York City. Herman attended the Male High School of New York.  Later he studied at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School. He was the finest speaker in the introduction department during his school years. He went to sea as an ordinary sailor on a commercial ship and later aboard the whaler Acushnet in 1839.

His first book, Typee and its sequel, Omoo published in 1847, were travelogues based on his interactions with the island’s inhabitants. Mardi published in 1849, a romantic adventure. It was his first novel that was not based on his personal experiences was a flop. Both Redburn published in 1849 and White-Jacket published in 1850, based on his experiences as a well-born young man at sea, received positive reviews but failed to sell well.

Melville’s short stories published in periodicals such as “Benito Cereno” and “Bartleby, the Scrivener.” In 1857, he went to England, explored the Near East, and wrote The Confidence-Man, his final piece of writing. In 1863, he travelled to New York to work as a customs inspector.

He secretly released two volumes of poetry during his latter years and left one book unpublished.   Melville died in 1891 as a result of a cardiac arrest.

Who is the narrator of  Moby Dick audiobook?

The narrator of Moby Dick audiobook is William Hootkins. Other audiobooks that William Hootkins has also narrated are Psycho, White Fang, and On the Waterfront.

What is the length of  Moby Dick audiobook?

The length of  Moby Dick audiobook is 24 hours and 49 minutes.

When was  Moby Dick audiobook published?

NAXOS AudioBooks Ltd published Moby Dick audiobook in 2005.