Ocean Prey Audiobook

Ocean Prey Audiobook

What is the Ocean Prey audiobook about?

In The Ocean Prey audiobook, there’s a coast guard agent down in Florida on vacation with his family on his boat. There he saw a drug deal going on out in the ocean through his binoculars. People are pulling things out of the sea and it looks shady simply doesn’t seem right. He follows the boat while calling the police for drug dealers entering the port, meanwhile, the boat enters the port.

In The Ocean Prey audiobook, Federal officers were killed on the job. Lucas Davenport of the US marshals service gets a call. Lucas, his colleagues, and pal mates find themselves on task force Florida Sen. Christopher Collee manages to find drugs, fugitives managed to dump into the Atlantic. The operation started, modus operandi talks to everyone who has seen anything. Everything seems so normal it seems as the writer had something up his sleeve.

The first half of The Ocean Prey audiobook free comprises of Lucas Davenport’s activities which end in vain, exposing him to the level of danger that his team rarely encounters. Lucas davenport calls in Virgil Flowers, his former colleague, he has a particular skill set that makes him a useful asset for this investigation. The Ocean Prey audiobook free is the combination of similarities and differences between Lucas and Virgil. While davenport prepares himself to use deadly force in cases with heinous crimes, Virgil takes interest in apprehension in every way possible.

In The Ocean Prey audiobook, the author explores the federal interagency jurisdictional disputes while giving us the combination of ways in which Lucas and Virgil do their job while don’t bundle up all into a tale of chain reactions linked with satisfying and ironic aftermath.

Who is the author of the Ocean Prey audiobook?

 John Sandford is the author of ocean prey.

John Sandford was born John Roswell Camp on the 23rd of February 1944 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He did his studies at the public schools in Cedar Rapids and graduated from Washington high school in 1962.  Furthermore, Standford spent four years at the University of Iowa and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in American studies. He also received a master’s degree in journalism in 1971. John Sandford became a full-time columnist by 1980. Moreover, he won a Pulitzer for Gathering Prey.

In 1989, john Sandford stopped writing daily for pioneer press, and from that point forward, he became a full-time novelist. He is still writing to date over 30 novels. He also served in the army from 1966 to 1968 and has a passion for archaeology, art, photography, and love for hunting and fishing.

Standford’s several pieces of fiction appeared on top of the NY Times bestseller list, while his works were also bought to life on the television screen. One of his works to be turned into a movie was Certain Prey. It had massive viewers over 5 million toppings all in rating that day. It ranked 2nd highest of the year. Another his work of prey series, Mind Prey was made into a movie in 1998 but it had little success compared to the most recent television outing.

Who is the narrator of the ocean prey audiobook?

The narrator of the ocean prey audiobook is Richard Ferrone. Other audiobooks that Richard Ferrone has also narrated are Eyes of Prey, A Voice in the Mind and Rules of Prey.

What is the length of the ocean prey audiobook?

The length of the ocean prey audiobook is 12 hours 35 minutes.

When was the ocean prey audiobook published?

Penguin Audio published the ocean prey audiobook on 04/13/2021.