Overlord Audiobook

Overlord Audiobook

What is Overlord audiobook about?

Overlord audiobook is a fantastic blend of monsters, archaeology, and persistent suspense. Overlord audiobook is the second novel in the Sam Aston Investigations series.

In Overlord audiobook, Sam Aston, a marine researcher, was appointed to investigate a labyrinth of underground caves deep in the Antarctic. There is a supply of endless clean energy hidden beneath this forgotten world of majestic caves and underground oceans, but this treasure was guarded by something.  As opponents intent on getting the world-changing treasure for themselves, Aston and the crew descend deeper in the depths, only to learn they weren’t the first one to take this way.

A water creature revered by a hidden forest sect almost killed Sam but soon he was back on the move. He takes a position, which will wipe off his obligations and also put him back on his feet. The task brings him face to face with somebody from the past and it also takes him hundreds of kilometres beneath the earth to explore mysteries hidden treasures deep underground. And there was something else on the way, the lethal risk of the OVERLORD. The peril lurks around every corner.

Overlord audiobook free is a sequel to Primordial, a continuance of Sam’s unusual journey. There was something far greater in Overlord than that of an enormous underwater monster. It deals with greed, treachery, and a monster.

The very first half of Overlord audiobook free prepares the reader for the trek into the ice caves, while the second half is significantly more thrilling, with several greater counterattacks starring Aston, his crew, and a gang of mercenaries.

Who is the author of Overlord audiobook?

David Wood and Alan Baxter wrote Overlord audiobook.

David Wood is the successful American writer of several adventure and action series. It particularly includes The Dane Maddock Adventures, as well as several other books. He also wrote fiction and science fiction novels under the pen name David Debord and Finn Gray. He is a part of the Horror Writers Association as well as the International Thriller Writers. David lives in Santa Fe in New Mexico, with his family.

Alan Richard Baxter was born on the 18th of April 1970 in Sussex, Southeastern England. He is a successful writer of mysterious thrillers, terror, and gothic fiction, as well as a kung fu instructor. Alan Baxter has written seven novels, many novellas, three series, and about 80 short story collections. He has written seven books with David Wood, an American action and adventure writer. Baxter won several awards. He received four out of eight Australian Shadows Awards.

At the age of seven, he wrote a notorious short tale at school. Baxter’s gritty urban terror novels frequently include real brutality, often derived from the experience of martial arts, as the writer has spent his whole life studying and instructing kung fu. Baxter has frequently mentioned his desire to mix themes and write in several forms. His writing frequently explores the idea of mortality. Apart from literature, Baxter’s major professional concentration has been kung fu.

Baxter leads the Illawarra Kung Fu Academy. Furthermore, He earned the British Wutan Federation National Championship in the United Kingdom in 1996. Baxter elected as the President of the Australasian Horror Writers Association in 2020. He became an Active Member of the Horror Writers Association, which headquartered in the United States.

Who is the narrator of Overlord audiobook?

The narrator of Overlord audiobook is Jeffrey Kafer. Other audiobooks that Jeffrey Kafer has also narrated are Children of Angels, Song of Redemption, and The Elephant in the Brain.

What is the length of Overlord audiobook?

The length of Overlord audiobook is 7 hours and 9 minutes.

When was Overlord audiobook published?

Overlord audiobook was originally published on 07/30/2012.