Dune Audiobook

Dune Audiobook

What is Dune audiobook about? Dune audiobook is set very far into the future of 10191, in the middle of a widespread feudal interplanetary empire, where noble houses are in command of planetary feudalism, owing to the imperial Corrino House. It is the narrative of the young Paul Atreides, Leto Atreides’ obvious heir, and Atreides’ …

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slaughterhouse five audiobook

Slaughterhouse-Five Audiobook

What is Slaughterhouse-Five audiobook about? Slaughterhouse-Five audiobook is basically a postmodern, against war novel. It is an absurd glance at war, memory, time, and humankind, yet it is a book of compassion. In Slaughterhouse-Five audiobook, Vonnegut utilizes Billy’s ability to travel in time to come up with Billy’s countless experiences. Slaughterhouse-Five audiobook shows Billy’s imprisonment …

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