Pride and Prejudice Audiobook

Pride and Prejudice Audiobook

What is Pride and Prejudice audiobook about?

Pride and Prejudice audiobook is a romantic novel. It revolves around the tempestuous romance between Elizabeth Bennet, the daughter of a country gentleman, and Fitzwilliam Darcy, a wealthy noble landlord. Pride and Prejudice audiobook is a classic of English literature. Jane Austen wrote with incisive humor and great character portrayal. Jane Austen’s dazzling wit gleams as her characters perform a graceful quadrille of flirting and intrigue, rendering this the finest social satire in Regency England.

Pride and Prejudice audiobook, mainly explores the character development of Elizabeth Bennet, the book’s lively protagonist. She discovers the consequences of quick assumptions and the distinction between apparent virtue and true virtue. Its humor stems from its candid portrayal of manners, education, wedding, and wealth in England during the Regency period.

Mr. and Mrs. Bennet, along with their five daughters, make up the family of seven in this love romance Pride and Prejudice audiobook free. The Revolutionary Wars were fought between 1810 and 1820. In those times women had a poor social status unless they married a wealthy man. Jane and Elizabeth, the oldest sisters, struggled all through the novel to conform with their mother’s adamant insistence. She demands their daughter to marry a wealthy man rather than a man they loved. Despite the disadvantages that their lack of noble position caused them, Jane and Elizabeth were able to adhere to their convictions and eventually find love.

Overall, Pride and Prejudice audiobook free is about Elizabeth and Jane’s search for love without sacrificing their integrity, and with the purpose of marrying for love rather than money. Mrs. Bennet’s and her husband’s attitudes, as well as those of the other characters, add a sense of humor to the novel. They represent stereotypes of noble and country upbringings parodied throughout the plot.

Who is the author of Pride and Prejudice audiobook?

Jane Austen wrote Pride and Prejudice audiobook.

Jane Austen was born in Steventon, near Basingstoke, in December 1775. She was a British author renowned for her six major books, which analyze, criticize, and reflect the British landed aristocracy. Austen’s stories frequently address women’s need of being married in order to achieve social status and financial stability. Her witty sarcasm, as well as her reality, satire, and social critique, have long gained her praise from reviewers.

She was the daughter of the parish rector and was the seventh child. Her family stayed in Steventon till her father retired in 1801 and they relocated to Bath. She wandered around with her mother after the death of his father in 1805, eventually settling in Chawton, Hampshire, in 1809. Except for a few trips to London, she stayed in this town. In May 1817, she went to Winchester to be near her doctor. On July 18, 1817, she died there.

Jane Austen began writing stories as a child, including satire of classic romance. She became a successful author with the publishing of Sense and Sensibility in 1811, Pride and Prejudice in 1813, Mansfield Park in 1814, and Emma in 1816. Jane Austen also wrote two additional books, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion, which later got published in 1818, and she started a third, Sanditon, but died before it was finished. She also left three unfinished volumes of juvenile works, the brief epistolary book Lady Susan, and an unfinished book, The Watsons.

Early in 1816, Austen began to feel ill, but she neglected the caution indications. She had trouble walking and low stamina as her sickness advanced, and she was in bed completely by mid-April. Austen died on July 18, 1817, in Winchester,  at the young age of 41.

Who is the narrator of Pride and Prejudice audiobook?

The narrator of Pride and Prejudice audiobook is Rosamund Pike. Other audiobooks that Rosamund Pike has also narrated are The Spy Who Loved Me, Restless, and Sense and Sensibility.

What is the length of Pride and Prejudice audiobook?

The length of Pride and Prejudice audiobook is 11 hours and 35 minutes.

When was Pride and Prejudice audiobook published?

Pride and Prejudice audiobook originally published on 01/28/1813.