Seveneves Audiobook

Seveneves Audiobook

What is Seveneves audiobook about?

Seveneves audiobook is a three-part science fiction narrative. Seveneves audiobook depicts the frantic efforts to sustain Mankind in the midst of apocalyptic happenings on Earth. That was caused by the inexplicable breakup of the Moon, as well as the rebuilding of humankind as a space-based society following a terrible genetic constraint.

In Seveneves audiobook, a sequence of terrible catastrophes hits Earth, it incorporates several significant scientific topics into its storyline. In the narrative, the Moon had been destroyed in the recent past years by something utterly undiscovered to the inhabitants of Earth. The seven fragments of the Moon begin colliding with one another. So it quickly becomes clear that all these collisions would continue to influence Mankind in a highly devastating manner in the coming years. This assumption leads to the formation of the “Cloud Ark,” which is basically parallel to the Space Station, now in orbit above Earth.

As time passes in this post-apocalyptic world and the narrative of Seveneves audiobook free progress, the audience can see the clear separation of seven ethnicities. All descendants of seven women with a reproductive capacity that produced descendants through parthenogenesis, a term in biology meaning that an egg alone is dividable and develop in an embryo and then into a perfectly natural offspring. That’s where the story’s title, Seveneves, comes from since the seven females who repopulated different races of them are the metaphoric “Eves” in this narrative. In Seveneves audiobook free, the author delves into the fascinating subjects of development and genetic manipulation. while also pushing the boundaries of scientific knowledge and advancement.

Who is the author of Seveneves audiobook?

Neal Stephenson wrote the Seveneves audiobook.

Neal Stephenson was born on the 31st of October 1959. He is a science fiction author from the United States. Speculative fiction, historical novels, cyberpunk, gothic and postcyberpunk have all been attributed to his writings.

Stephenson’s work delves into cryptography, mathematics, linguistics, scientific history and philosophy. He also contributes nonfiction technological pieces to magazines like Wired. He collaborated on books with George Jewsbury, his uncle under the pen name Stephen Bury.

Stephenson grew up in an engineering and intellectual background. Stephenson’s family relocated to Champaign-Urbana in Illinois in the year 1960. Later to Ames in Iowa in the year 1966. He went to Ames High School. Stephenson attended Boston University. There he majored in physics before transferring to geography. As it allowed him to devote extra hours to the academic system. He earned a B. A degree in geography plus a specialization in physics in 1981. Stephenson has resided primarily in the Pacific Northwest since 1984, and he presently resides in Seattle.

Stephenson’s works contain intricate storylines that depend on a variety of technical and societal themes. The argumentative quality of Stephenson’s storytelling, along with the considerable storyline, characterization depth and a wealth of detail, indicates a classic style of writing. Stephenson enthusiastically endorsed this style in the 3 volumes of the Baroque Cycle. The Diamond Age has a simpler storyline but contains neo-Victorian protagonists and literary fiction from the Victorian age.

Who is the narrator of Seveneves audiobook?

The narrator of Seveneves audiobook is Mary Robinette Kowal and Will Damron.

Other audiobooks that Mary Robinette Kowal has also narrated are Rosemary and Rue, The Relentless Moon, and A Local Habitation.

Other audiobooks that Will Damron has also narrated are Beneath a Scarlet Sky, The Last Green Valley, and The Man Who Solved the Market.

What is the length of Seveneves audiobook?

The length of Seveneves audiobook is 31 hours and 55 minutes.

When was Seveneves audiobook published?

Brilliance Audio published Seveneves audiobook on 05/19/15.