Strange but True Audiobook

Strange but True Audiobook

What is the Strange but True audiobook about?

The Strange but True audiobook is a gripping story. It strains painstakingly to both surprise and thrill as it depicts the aftermath of the death of a teenager who died in a car crash on prom night.

In Strange but True audiobook Ronnie Chase died in a car accident on prom night five years ago. His mom has become an embittered, slobby binge-eater. Her anger prompted her husband to marry another woman. Philip, Ronnie’s aimless brother, has moved from his small village in Pennsylvania to East Village in New York.

Then, in the Strange but True audiobook, a strange, near-tragic accident of himself forces Philip to return to his bleak family’s house to heal. Soon, Melissa, girlfriend of Ronnie calls Philip. Melissa has gone from an intelligent, attractive teenager into a boring, mildly unhinged young lady. She always hangs her prom dress with bloodstains in her toilet after being injured in the tragedy that stole Ronnie’s life. She tells Ronnie’s brother and mom something that is both shocking and doubtful, she is expecting a baby whose father is Ronnie, who has been deceased for a long time. Mix suspense and family drama, the plot follows a dual path as they try to solve the riddle of her pregnancy while also trying to figure out how they got to their terrible lows.

The author’s depiction of a household in mutual emotional suffering in Strange but True audiobook free is captivating. He insinuates himself into their heads and pushes from within, bringing their anxieties and sorrow in front.

Strange but True audiobook free is packed with surprises and unusual storyline twists that conclude in a closing scene that answers all the mysteries. It’s a fantastic combination of thrills, shocks, and sweet moments of a family trying to figure out who they are.

Who is the author of the Strange but True audiobook?

John Searles wrote Strange but True audiobook.

John Searles is a writer and literary critic from the United States.  Strange But True, Help For The Haunted and Boy Still Missing are his 3 novels. His writings have been published in national publications and newspapers. He often appears as a literary critic on morning tv shows. He lives in the city of New York.

Searles grew up in New England. He served in the DuPont factory near his town at Monroe, Connecticut, after graduating from high school. He did his bachelors from Southern Connecticut State University and became the first person from his family to complete college. Searles received a literary scholarship to pursue a graduate programme at NY University. He did his masters in creative writing as well as received several literary awards.

Searles got a job analyzing fiction entries at Redbook magazine after finishing his MA degree. He did part-time work at Cosmopolitan in the department of books. He worked as a Books Editor, Editor In chief, and Editorial Director at HarperCollins.

Searles was called a “Person to Watch” by Time and a “New Yorker to Watch” by the NY Daily News after the release of his debut novel, Boy Still Missing, published in 2001. In 2004, awarded his second book, Strange But True, the best novel.

His book Help for the Haunted was chosen as a top 10 Amazon Mystery and Thriller Book  It was also selected as a Top 10 Boston Globe Crime thriller, and a Top 10 Entertainment Weekly Must-Read book all in 2013.

Who is the narrator of Strange but True audiobook?

The narrator of Strange but True audiobook is Matt Godfrey. Other audiobooks that Matt Godfrey has also narrated are There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done, The Science of Getting Rich, and Twelve Nights at Rotter House.

What is the length of the Strange but True audiobook?

The length of Strange but True audiobook is 12 hours and 12 minutes.

When was the Strange but True audiobook published?

Tantor Media published Strange but True audiobook in April 2020.