That Summer Audiobook

That Summer Audiobook

What is  That Summer audiobook about?

Jennifer Weiner comes back to her favourite Cape in That Summer audiobook to tell the narrative of two girls with the same name, Diana.  That Summer audiobook is a narrative about surviving past events, facing destiny, and the links of companionship that keep everyone together.

In That Summer audiobook, Daisy Shoemaker also called Diana gets several emails mistakenly, and her email id just has a different punctuation mark as compared to the intended recipient’s id. She is fascinated and appreciates getting a glance in the world of a lady who appears to be so opposite from herself. After studying for one year at the college Daisy married and left the college, and she had dedicated more than 10 years to Hal, her husband and Beatrice, her daughter. She cleans their lovely home, prepares extravagant dishes, and sometimes entertains her husband’s business associates and pals. She runs a little culinary school, but any goals she has are suffocated by her husband’s disinterest. Daisy adores Beatrice, yet she doesn’t get her unconventional interests or free attitude.

In That Summer audiobook free, Daisy is overjoyed when Diana, whom the emails were meant to be sent apologises and invites her to visit her in Nyc. She believes this single successful businesswoman is sophisticated, confident, and powerful, the polar opposite of herself. Diana has gone to extraordinary measures to see Daisy and build a friendship with her. The author gradually elicits insights and brings people from the old days to the current time to complete the narrative. In That Summer audiobook free, People would learn about both of their households and how these ties shaped and spurred both girls on their very distinct journeys to femininity in a meticulously crafted tale that shifts between Diana and Daisy’s perspectives.

Who is the author of  That Summer audiobook?

Jennifer Weiner wrote That Summer audiobook.

Jennifer Weiner was born on the 28th of March 1970, to a Jewish household. She is a journalist, tv producer, and writer from the United States. She is located in the city of Philadelphia in the state of Pennsylvania. In Her Shoes, a film released in 2002 based on her book.

Weiner was a Simsbury High School student. She enrolled at Princeton University when she was 17 years old and received a bachelors degree in English in the year 1991. Her debut book, Good in Bed, released in 2001,  inspired by her experiences in her late teen.

Weiner served in the Centre Daily Times, a newspaper in State College in Pennsylvania, following finishing college. There she handled the academic story and authored a column regularly titled Generation XIII. Best Friends Forever, her debut novel, was a #. 1 New York Times bestseller as well as topped Publishers Weekly’s listing. She has written nine popular books so far, comprising 8 books and a series of short tales, which have sold over 11 million copies in more than 35 countries. Furthermore, The NY Times regularly publishes her articles on culture and gender.

She is an executive producer and co-creator of the  State of Georgia family show.  Weiner made her name to TIME’s list of the Top 140 Twitter Feeds in 2011. She calls herself a feminist.

In 2001, Weiner wedded lawyer Adam Bonin. They divorced in 2010 after having 2 kids. She re-married Bill Syken, a writer, in 2016.

Who is the narrator of That Summer audiobook?

The narrator of That Summer audiobook is Sutton Foster. Other audiobooks that Sutton Foster has also narrated are Betsy-Tacy, and Magic Lessons.

What is the length of That Summer audiobook?

The length of That Summer audiobook is 13 hours and 21 minutes.

When was That Summer audiobook published?

Simon & Schuster Audio published That Summer audiobook on 05/11/2021.