The Bomber Mafia Audiobook

The Bomber Mafia Audiobook

What is The Bomber Mafia audiobook about?

The Bomber Mafia audiobook chronicles the development of a war planning of daytime precision bombing as a tactic of defeating an opponent with targeted high-altitude aircraft bombing by the Bomber Mafia, a team of US military commanders led by Major General Haywood S. Hansell. With innovative technologies like the Norden bombsight, battlefield losses may be reduced to the minimum. It was in direct opposition to the Royal Air Force’s strategy of area bombardment, which was led by Royal Air Force’s Marshal, Sir Arthur Harris.

In The Bomber Mafia audiobook, when the US entered  WWII, the Bomber Mafia’s theory appeared to be of poor operational use as well as expensive to execute in actual combat settings due to the reality of contemporary technology. This was notably true during the aircraft bombing on Japan when formerly unaccounted-for atmospheric factors like the jet stream delayed missions under Hansell’s leadership.

The Bomber Mafia audiobook discusses Hansell’s substitute by Major General Curtis LeMay. He incorporated a sequence of tactical alterations including dropping bombs at a much lower height to prevent the jet stream, removing almost all of the fighter bombers’ protective weapons and equipment to enhance bomb payload, as well as fir bombing at night with incendiaries such as napalm to destroy places with the most population. The bombardment of Tokyo in 1945, as part of Mission Meetinghouse, reinforced the Forces’ military goals resulting in Japan’s surrender.

The Bomber Mafia audiobook free delves at the technical, economical, and ethical grounds of bombing raids. The Bomber Mafia audiobook free enables us to evaluate the happenings of WWII’s deadliest night from a new perspective. The author emphasizes both such as the technologies, which have brought up new horizons in combat and the individuals responsible for ethically challenging decisions.

Who is the author of The Bomber Mafia audiobook?

Malcolm Gladwell wrote The Bomber Mafia audiobook.

Malcolm Gladwell was born on the 3rd of September, 1963. He is a journalist, writer, and motivational speaker who was born in England. Since 1996, he has worked as a writer at The New Yorker. He wrote seven books out of which his first five works were bestsellers in the NY Times. Furthermore,  he is a co-founder of Pushkin Industries and also hosts the podcast Revisionist History. Gladwell’s publications frequently address the unintended consequences of sociological and psychological research and make extensive use of scholarly research.

Gladwell did an internship at the National Journalism Center in 1982. In 1984, he graduated from Trinity College, the University of Toronto majoring in history.

Gladwell’s marks were insufficient for the graduate program, so he chose to work in marketing. He served as a journalist at The American Spectator and relocated to Indiana. He went on to write for Insight on the News, a magazine. Gladwell started writing commerce and technology for The Washington Post in 1987 and worked there until 1996. He also worked for Grantland as an editor.

Gladwell made his name to the list of  Time’s 100 most influential people in 2005.  Moreover, in 2007, he received the American Sociological Association’s inaugural Award. The University of Waterloo awarded him with an honorary degree in the same year. In 2011, the University of Toronto also awarded him an Honorary degree and he also won the Order of Canada Award.

Who is the narrator of The Bomber Mafia audiobook?

The narrator of The Bomber Mafia audiobook is Malcolm Gladwell. Other audiobooks that Malcolm Gladwell has also narrated are Genius and Curiosity, Talking to Strangers, and Outliers.

What is the length of The Bomber Mafia audiobook?

The length of The Bomber Mafia audiobook is 5 hours and 14 minutes.

When was The Bomber Mafia audiobook published?

Pushkin Industries published The Bomber Mafia audiobook on 04/27/2021.