The Devil’s Hand Audiobook

The Devil's Hand Audiobook

What is The Devil’s Hand audiobook about?

The Devil’s Hand audiobook is a suspenseful and intriguing thriller that would keep you on the edge of your seat. The author combines compelling, emotionally driven plot elements with a fast-paced mission to protect America in The Devil’s Hand audiobook.

In The Devil’s Hand audiobook,  a day on the 11th of September 2001 will go down as the most devastating in the country’s history. The U.s gained a lot of knowledge about its rivals aftermath of the attack of 9/11. The previous 20 years had been spent by soldier James Reece, an u.s. Navy SEAL is now a counterterrorism officer, ensuring that no further strikes on America be pulled out. When Alec Christensen, the new president takes the presidency, Reece and he will work for a common purpose that dates back to the attack on  9/11.

Meanwhile, In The Devil’s Hand audiobook free, thousands of kilometres away, another superpower became very irritated with America’s as well as its European allies’ sanctions. They feel the time has come to attack the nation once more. As they have understood the US approach to a multitude of serious challenges and crises in the last twenty years.

Soon after, Reece discovers that a hidden foe is about to release a lethal bioweapon created to destroy the USA. And now it’s upon him to defeat them. But before that, he must survive an attack of killers and soldiers hired to kill him. In The Devil’s Hand audiobook free, expect lots of explosions, bullets fired, as well as heart-thumping action scenes as the author turns up the things in a significant manner, resulting in a phenomenal final chapter that will leave audiences gasping for breath.

Who is the author of The Devil’s Hand audiobook?

Jack Carr wrote The Devil’s Hand audiobook.

Jack Carr is a retired Navy SEAL and the author of the Number one NY Times bestseller book. The Terminal List, Savage Son and True Believer are among his works. He also hosts Danger Close, a podcast. Fans can contact him through his official website,, or by following him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

His first novel, The Terminal List, follows fictitious retired Navy SEAL James Reece as he goes on the verge of war to assist cover up a larger plot after the murder of his entire family. The novel was a hit among readers, and Also no. 1 NY Times bestselling writer Brad Thor also loved it.  Since he was a child, he has wanted to pursue writing as a full-time career since he enjoys reading and writing.

As the leader of the team, Platoon Commander, Task Unit Commander, and Troop Commander Jack Carr directed special operations forces. He progressed from a newly recruited SEAL shooter to a junior cop leading attack and sniper team member in Afghanistan and Iraq. Then, he became the platoon commander training military campaign in the Philippines and eventually leading a Special Operations Mission Unit in some of the Iranian-influenced parts of southern Iraq during the turbulent pullback of US forces.

He is married and has three kids, He resides in Park City, Utah with his family.

Who is the narrator of The Devil’s Hand audiobook?

The narrator of The Devil’s Hand audiobook is Ray Porter. Other audiobooks that Ray Porter has also narrated are The Terminal List, The Shadows of London, and The Day The World Came to Town.

What is the length of The Devil’s Hand audiobook?

The length of The Devil’s Hand audiobook is 14 hours and 37 minutes.

When was The Devil’s Hand audiobook published?

Simon & Schuster Audio published The Devil’s Hand audiobook on 04/13/2021.