The Dragon Reborn Audiobook

The Dragon Reborn Audiobook

What is The Dragon Reborn audiobook about?

The Dragon Reborn audiobook is a piece of fiction and the third book in The Wheel of Time trilogy after the first two books, The Eye of the World and The Great Hunt. It picks up nearly soon after The Great Hunt. There are two unique ways to the climax of this narrative. The Dragon Reborn audiobook is the book wherein the author relinquishes control of the tale to some other characters, the audience see glances of Rand, However, it is no more Rand’s narrative, but the end of the tale.

In The Dragon Reborn audiobook, 3000 years ago, the Dragon take the world’s male magicians in tricking the Dark One, however, the penalty was greater: all-male magicians, then and now, got insane. Now that the Dark One has been free, only one way out could be, Rand al’Thor, who seems to be a rebirth of the Dragon. Rand must get the Callandor sword, which is kept in the Tear city. All of Rand’s previous book mates found themselves, willingly or unwillingly, travelling towards Tear City for a battle with wicked forces. In the end, Rand al’Thor proves himself the Rebirth of  Dragon by defeating Ba’alzamon one last time, and the people of Tear reawaken to discover the Dragon Reborn’s flag soaring over the castle. Rand’s involvement in the narrative of The Dragon Reborn audiobook free is pervasive; all important characters have either been fighting for him or against him.

In short, The Dragon Reborn audiobook free  is a fantastic addition to the saga, and it marks the first time that the scale of this journey becomes really epic. The author emphasised Rand’s fall into lunacy by separating the audience from him throughout the narrative. The characters started to mature making this novel much more entertaining.

Who is the author of The Dragon Reborn audiobook?

Robert Jordan wrote The Dragon Reborn audiobook.

James Oliver Rigney Jr. was born on October 17, 1948. He was an American fantasy adventure novelist popularly known by his pen name Robert Jordan. The Wheel of Time series is the reason for his popularity. After Jordan’s death, Brandon Sanderson concluded the series. There are 14 volumes in total, including a prequel novel. Above all, he is one of a handful of authors who have authored original Conan the Barbarian novels.

Jordan was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina. He performed two excursions in Vietnam with the U.S. Army. He was a helicopter gunner from 1968 to 1970. The Distinguished Flying Cross with oak leaf cluster, the Bronze Star with “V” and oak leaf cluster, and two Vietnamese Gallantry Cross with palm were presented to him. After going back from Vietnam, he enrolled at The Citadel, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in physics. Following graduation, the U.S. Navy  hired him as a nuclear engineer. In 1977, he started his writing career.

Jordan revealed on March 23, 2006, that he’d been diagnosed with cardiac amyloidosis. Consequently, his average lifespan with therapy was 4 years. He didn’t lose hope through these difficult times, instead, he kept encouraging his followers not to stress about him and stating that he planned to live a healthy and productive life. Early in April 2006, he began treatment at Mayo Clinic. As a result of his illness, Jordan died on the 16th of September, 2007.

Who is the narrator of The Dragon Reborn audiobook?

The narrators of The Dragon Reborn audiobook are Kate Reading and Michael Kramer.

What is the length of The Dragon Reborn audiobook?

The length of The Dragon Reborn audiobook is 24 hours and 48 minutes.

When was The Dragon Reborn audiobook published?

Macmillan Audio published The Dragon Reborn audiobook on 12/28/2003.