The Dresden Files Audiobook

The Dresden Files Audiobook

What is Dresden Files audiobook about?

Dresden Files audiobook centres around Harry Dresden’s investigation into a gruesome double murder. It draws him into the deepest corners of magical Chicago. In Dresden Files audiobook, as a professional magician, Harry Dresden understands personally that the “ordinary” world is filled with odd and magical creatures, the majority of which do not get along with humans.

In Dresden Files audiobook, Monica Sells hires Dresden to seek her husband Victor Sells, an amateur magician who has been acting strangely. Later that day, he receives a phone call from Lieutenant Karrin Murphy, director of the Chicago Police Department’s SI Unit. Murphy’s companion reveals to him the remains of two victims who allegedly died by having their hearts torn out by magic. Dresden believes he is the prime suspect in these supernatural killings.

In Dresden Files audiobook free, ultimately, after meetings with vampires, the mysterious warlock, and the ever-suspicious Warden Morgan, Dresden finds that the affair revolves around the drug “ThreeEye”. It briefly grants regular mortals Wizards Sight, eventually driving them mad. Victor Sells has been creating ThreeEye to dethrone crime lord Johnny Marcone. He fueled the magic to eliminate his adversaries, especially Marcone’s soldiers and anybody else endangering his operation, using the energy of thunderstorms and orgies performed at his house, to eventually bring down Marcone and monopolize the drug trade.

In Dresden Files audiobook free, Dresden stops Victor’s spellcasting and fights him in a battle of “brains vs muscle”. Finally, burning down Victor’s house while Victor was battling with giant scorpions and a demon inside that he sent to kill Dresden. Morgan arrives to save Dresden on the blazing house balcony. Morgan saw the battle with Victor and, realizing Dresden is innocent, unwillingly speaks in Dresden’s favour before the White Council.

Who is the author of Dresden Files audiobook?

Jim Butcher wrote Dresden Files audiobook.

Jim Butcher was born on October 26, 1971, in Independence, Missouri. He is a writer from the United States. He is the author of the modern fantasy novels The Dresden Files, Codex Alera, and Cinder Spires.

As a youngster, he finished his first novel, Lord of the Rings and The Han Solo Adventures, and decided to pursue a career as a writer. After many failed attempts to break into the traditional fantasy genre, he authored The Dresden Files, about a professional wizard in 1996, at the age of 25.

Butcher marketed his work-around to several publishers for two years before hitting the convention circuit to build business contacts. Ricia Mainhardt, the agent who found Laurell K. Hamilton, decided to represent Butcher after seeing him in person, launching his literary career. Butcher and Mainhardt have since split up, his current agent is Jennifer Jackson. Butcher is the author of two series, The Dresden Files and Codex Alera. After six novels, Codex Alera came to an end, while The Dresden Files is still running.

He also wrote a Spider-Man book, The Darkest Hours, published on June 27, 2006. In addition, he donated a short tale for inclusion in My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding, released in October 2006. It starred Charlaine Harris and Sherrilyn Kenyon, among others.

Jim has appeared in plays, musicals, and singing ensembles in front of thousands of people both live and on television. He has done demonstration riding in a variety of areas and has fallen from running horses an absurd number of times. He resides in Missouri with his wife, romantic suspense and paranormal romance author Shannon K. Butcher, son, and a vicious guard dog.

Who is the narrator of  Dresden Files audiobook?

The narrator of  Dresden Files audiobook is James Marsters. Other audiobooks that James Marsters has also narrated are Fool Moon, Peace Talks, and Battle Ground.

What is the length of  Dresden Files audiobook?

The length of  Dresden Files audiobook is 8 hours and 1 minute.

When was  Dresden Files audiobook published?

Buzzy Multimedia Publishing Corp. published  Dresden Files audiobook on 12/28/2008.