The Intelligent Investor Audiobook

The Intelligent Investor Audiobook

What is The Intelligent Investor audiobook about?

The Intelligent Investor audiobook is well-known for its lessons on value investing. It offers techniques for using value investing successfully in the stock market. It is a practical road map for winning the market.

In The Intelligent Investor audiobook, little time spend explaining the method of assessing stocks. Rather, it strongly emphasised investing concepts and investor attitudes. Although The Intelligent Investor was written many years ago, the basic principles of effective investing do not alter from decade to decade.

The Intelligent Investor audiobook tells us three basic things:

  • How to Reduce the Chances of Sustaining Irreversible Losses.
  • How to Increase the Chances of Long-Term Success.
  • Ways to overcome self-defeating thinking patterns that frequently impede investors from attaining their maximum potential.

You must be patient, disciplined, and willing to learn new things to be an intelligent investor. You must also have emotional control and the ability to think for yourself. According to the author, the intelligence required to become a good investor has much more to do with personality than it does with Intellect.

“The intelligent investor is a realist who sells to optimists and buys from pessimists.”― Benjamin Graham, The Intelligent Investor.

Here are three essential takeaways from The Intelligent Investor audiobook free to help you start investing:

  • Intelligent investment is based on three principles: evaluate for the long term, protect yourself from losses, and avoid going for insane gains.
  • Never put your confidence in Mr Market; he may be quite unreasonable in the short and medium-term.
  • Stick to a rigorous method for making all of your investments.

In short, The Intelligent Investor audiobook free discusses value investing, which is concerned with creating consistent, long-term gains by disregarding the present market and selecting firms with high underlying value.

Who is the author of The Intelligent Investor audiobook?

Benjamin Graham wrote The Intelligent Investor audiobook.

Benjamin Graham was born on 9th of May in 1894. He was an American economist, lecturer, and investor of British ancestry. Graham is widely regarded as the “Father of Value Investing”. He co-authored two seminal works in neoclassical investing: Security Analysis in 1934 and The Intelligent Investor in 1949. In addition, his investment strategy emphasised investor behaviour.

In his 20’s, Graham began his career on Wall Street after the completion of his bachelor’s degree from University of Columbia. He created the Graham-Newman Partnership. He began teaching at his own institution, and then at UCLA Anderson School of Management at the University of California in Los Angeles.

Moreover, his contributions to managerial economics and investment have contributed to the present trend of value investing within mutual funds. Furthermore, Graham had several prominent followers who achieved significant success in investing industry, including Irving Kahn and Warren Buffett.

Graham made contributions to economic theory in addition to his work in investment finance. Most importantly, as an alternative to the gold standard, he developed a new basis for both US and global currency. Graham considered this currency theory to be his most significant professional work. However, it gained considerable attention decades after his death in the context of the 2007–2008 financial crisis.

Graham died on September 21, 1976, in Aix-en-Provence, France, at the age of 82.

Who is the narrator of The Intelligent Investor audiobook?

The narrator of The Intelligent Investor audiobook is Luke Daniels. Other audiobooks that Luke Daniels has also narrated are Savage Dominion, Ascend Online, and Paper & Blood.

What is the length of The Intelligent Investor audiobook?

The length of The Intelligent Investor audiobook is 17 hours and 48 minutes.

When was The Intelligent Investor audiobook published?

HarperAudio published The Intelligent Investor audiobook on 07/07/15.