The Last Wish Audiobook

The Last Wish Audiobook

What is The Last Wish audiobook about?

The Last Wish audiobook is a fiction collection consisting of short stories. In The Witcher, in the first chapter Geralt comes in Wyzim to treat monster Striga, who died 14 years before but returned to life and terrorised the community.

In A Grain of Sand the second chapter of The Last Wish audiobook, Geralt assists Nivellen, a cursed monster in battling an evil bruxa who is about to transform him into a full-fledged beast. Nivellen raped a girl and in return, she cursed him to turn into a monster.

In The Lesser Evil the third chapter of The Last Wish audiobook, Geralt met Stregobor, a magician. Renfri, a ruthless killer, is hunting down the magician. Stregobor is aided by Geralt, who beats Renfri.

In A Question of Price the fourth chapter of The Last Wish audiobook free, Geralt went to the birthday celebration of Pavetta, Cintra’s princess. Urcheon, a warrior plagued with the appearance of a hedgehog, comes to claim the princess as his love. Pavetta takes it gladly. Urcheon’s plague is alleviated by Pavetta’s love. Geralt protects Urcheon from the turmoil.

In The Edge of the World the fifth chapter of The Last Wish audiobook free, Geralt and Dandelion, his friend arrives in the village within which they discover a devil working for dwarves. As dwarves struggle to live their way on land, Devil learns human farming techniques. Lille, the village’s hidden prophetess, rescues Geralt and Dandelion.

The Last Wish, the last chapter, opens with a djinn confrontation. Dandelion got injured, so Geralt brings him to Yennefer. She cures Dandelion in exchange for them capturing the djinn. Yennefer tries to apprehend the djinn but fails. Geralt understands that he can utilise the wishes of djinn to rescue Yennefer, so he makes his final wish to do so.

Who is the author of The Last Wish audiobook?

Andrzej Sapkowski wrote The Last Wish audiobook.

Andrzej Sapkowski was born on the 21st of  June 1948. He is a fiction author from Poland, widely recognized for his series of novels The Witcher that has been adapted into multiple languages, ranking him, behind Stanislaw Lem, the 2nd most popular Polish science fantasy author. The David Gemmell Award and the World Fantasy Life Achievement Award have been bestowed upon him.

Sapkowski attended the University of Łódź. He employed as a professional salesperson for an international trade business until switching to literature. He began his writing career as a science fantasy translator. Sapkowski also earned third place for his debut short tale, The Witcher. In 1986, the book released in Fantastyka and became a huge hit with fans and reviewers alike. Sapkowski has constructed a sequence of narratives relying on the universe of The Witcher, which includes 3 short storey collections and 6 books. This sequence, together with his previous writings, earned him one of Poland’s most well-known fiction writers in the 1990s.

Wiedman, a tv show centred on the Witcher novel, premiered globally in 2001. CD Projekt Red, a Polish gaming studio, produced a role-playing gaming series on The Witcher world. The Witcher is a Netflix tv show that aired on the 20th of December 2019.

He lives in Łódź, a town in Poland, where he was born. He is a devout Catholic.

Who is the narrator of The Last Wish audiobook?

The narrator of The Last Wish audiobook is Peter Kenny. Other audiobooks that Peter Kenny has also narrated are The Time of Contempt, The Tower of Swallows, and The Lady of the Lake.

What is the length of The Last Wish audiobook?

The length of The Last Wish audiobook is 10 hours and 17 minutes.

When was The Last Wish audiobook published?

Hachette Audio published The Last Wish audiobook on 05/05/2015.