The Midnight Library Audiobook

The Midnight Library Audiobook

What is The Midnight Library audiobook about?

The Midnight Library audiobook is a delightful novel that revolves around a thirty-five-year-old lady Nora Saeed who regrets her decisions in life and as a result, attempts suicide. As she walks in the Midnight Library, she must look inside herself to discover what is ultimately rewarding in life as well as what tends to make it worthwhile to live, as she faces the possibility of changing her life for the better, pursuing a new career, healing old heartbreaks, and achieving her ambition of being a glaciologist.

In The Midnight Library audiobook, Nora was a smart, talented swimmer and musician. She had studied philosophy although she always wanted to be a glaciologist. Nora’s life has been going from bad to worse. Nora didn’t want to live it anymore and decides to end it up. She has then transferred to a library a path between life and death at the midnight on her final night in the world. She has the opportunity to fix her wrong decisions and try out all of the alternative lives she could have lived. In The Mid Night Library audiobook, people will find whether her regrets end, did she find the best version of her life, will she live again or die at the end.

In The Midnight Library audiobook free, Nora tries to live different lives as per her wish but any life which she thought would be the best ends up as a disaster. Nora is able to turn her life around after putting her regrets to rest and embracing hope for the future. To sum up, The Midnight Library audiobook free is a tale of second chances and living with regrets. It shows the themes of regrets and decisions, relationships and forgiveness, Philosophical perspectives and the value of life.

Who is the author of The Midnight Library audiobook?

Matt Haig wrote The Midnight Library audiobook.

Matt Haig was born on July 3rd, 1975. He is an author and journalist from England. He authored fictional and nonfictional for both kids and adults. Haig earned his bachelor’s degree in History and English from the University of Hull.

Reasons to Stay Alive, his nonfiction book, has topped the Sunday Times bestseller list and spent 322 days in the list of top ten in the UK. Father Christmas and Me, his finest children’s book, presently being made into a film. Furthermore, his works are frequently grim and eccentric depictions of family relations. The Last Family in England is a canine-centric adaptation of Henry IV, part 1 by Shakespeare. In 2207,  Shadow Forest, a children’s fantasy book, earned the Nestlé Children’s Book Prize. In 2008, he released Runaway Troll, its sequel.

The Radleys, a vampire book, released in 2011. He authored The Humans in 2013. He released the novel,  How to Stop Time in 2017. It revolves around a 400-year-old man who just seems to be 40 years. In 2016, his book, Reason to Stay Alive earned the Books Are My Bag Readers’ Awards and How to Stop Time was shortlisted in 2017.

In addition, Haig composed lyrics for Andy Burrows, an English songwriter and singer in 2018. The Midnight Library, published in 2020 was nominated for Fiction Book of the Year by British Book Awards category in 2021. Haig had an appearance on Storybound in 2021. The Comfort Book, his recent work published in 2021.

He lives with his wife, Andrea Semple and two children in Brighton, Sussex.

Who is the narrator of The Midnight Library audiobook?

The narrator of The Midnight Library audiobook is Carey Mulligan.

What is the length of The Midnight Library audiobook?

The length of The Midnight Library audiobook is 8 hours and 50 minutes.

When was The Midnight Library audiobook published?

Penguin Audio published The Midnight Library audiobook on 09/29/2020.