The Name of the Wind Audiobook

The Name of the Wind Audiobook

What is The Name of the Wind audiobook about?

The Name of the Wind audiobook is an amazing fiction in which the protagonist Kvothe tells Chronicler about his past. The Name of the Wind audiobook is a masterwork that immerses people in a magician’s brain and body.

In The Name of the Wind audiobook, Kote and his assistant Bast living in the remote Newarre town. Kvothe, a gifted warrior and wizard, is quickly suspected to be Kote. Allegations have circulated that Kvothe assassinated a king.

Kvothe saves a story writer called chronicler, and Chronicler requested Kvothe to try writing his life story. Kvothe estimates that telling his storey would take 72 hours equal to three days. In Kingkiller Chronicle’s trilogy, every day is a book.

In The Name of the Wind audiobook free, Kvothe is 11 years old at the start of Kvothe life’s novel and his parents raised him. His parents lead a group of Edema Ruh entertainers. This group is killed soon after his novel’s opening, leaving him an orphaned child.

Kvothe encounters Skarpi, the storyteller after three years, and his stories inspire him to apply at the University. Kvothe then manages to sell his belongings to raise just about enough money to get to the university.

After which he enrols at the Institution, where he encounters Denna. Both together he and Denna assassinate a dragon, and this is the most exciting part of the narrative. Kvothe calls the winds unknowingly and shatters Ambrose’s arm during a fight. Kvothe raised in status as a student by Master Namer Elodin.

In the end, in The Name of the Wind audiobook free, Chronicler uncovers that meeting Kvothe was his real intention after narrating his lived experiences. Bast intends Chronicler to ask more of Kvothe life so that he remembers what he was like and who is he now.

Who is the author of The Name of the Wind audiobook?

Patrick Rothfuss wrote The Name of the Wind audiobook.

Patrick James Rothfuss was born on the 6th of  June 1973. He is an epic fantasy author from the United States. He is famed for his highly anticipated series The Kingkiller Chronicle, for that he has received numerous prizes, such as the Quill Award in 2007 for The Name of the Wind, the first novel from the series. The Wise Man’s Fear, its continuation, ranked #1 in The New York Times Best Seller list.

Patrick Rothfuss grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, and graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelors degree in English in 1999. He wrote for The Pointer, the campus newspaper, and created a widely distributed parody alert about Good Times Virus.  From Washington State University he completed his Masters before returning to the University of Wisconsin to teach. He is the winner of the Writers of the Future 2002 competition.

Rothfuss organises Worldbuilders, a non-profit organization, that has grown more than $11.5 million from 2008, mainly for Heifer International, a program that helps to provide farm animals, freshwater, literacy, and skills development. Moreover, In 2012, Rothfuss launched The Story Board, a monthly fictional audio cast presenting numerous writers.

Moreover, he had won the “Best Books of the Year” award in  2007, the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award in the same year for Best Epic Fantasy, and the David Gemmell Legend Award in the year 2012. In addition, in 2012, Locus ranked him third in their list of the “Best 21st Century Fantasy Fiction Novels.”

Who is the narrator of The Name of the Wind audiobook?

The narrator of The Name of the Wind audiobook is Nick Podehl. Other audiobooks that Nick Podehl has also narrated are The Wise Man’s Fear, A Blood of Kings, and The Torch That Ignites the Stars.

What is the length of The Name of the Wind audiobook?

The length of The Name of the Wind audiobook is 27 hours and 55 minutes.

When was The Name of the Wind audiobook published?

Brilliance Audio published The Name of the Wind audiobook on 05/15/2009.