The Newcomer Audiobook

The Newcomer Audiobook

What is The Newcomer audiobook about?

The Newcomer audiobook is an unusual, interesting tale about Letty Carnahan, a 33-year-old woman who escapes with Maya, her sister’s daughter from New York to the Florida coast after finding Tanya, her sister’s dead body along with a clipping of magazine highlighting the Murmuring Surf Motel. There Tanya’s past unpleasant relationships and friendships, behaviour, and secrets will be revealed.

The Newcomer audiobook begins with a physically and mentally exhausted Letty Carnahan who drives her car in the Murmuring Surf Motel’s parking area. While little Maya was dozing in the car’s backseat. The no job vacancy notice that welcomes her entry is simply another affront in a long list of misfortunes. This wasn’t a relaxing vacation to Treasure Island in Florida; instead, it was just the desperate attempt of a lady fleeing from the murderer of Tanya, her sister.

In The Newcomer audiobook, while Ignoring the shortage of available lodging, she persuades the motel’s manager, Ava DeCurtis, to get her accommodation in return for a fair price and benefits provided. She was going to pay it all with a bag that her sister coincidentally loaded with money and a ring of diamonds. It’s a situation that satisfies both of them, but Joe, Ava’s son,  an investigator with the city cops, finds it objectionable. Despite his doubts, she swears to fix things. Evan Wingfield, the dubious property entrepreneur for whom Letty previously worked and both loved each other. But later he dumped her for Tanya, her little sister. He is the one answerable in the case of Tanya’s death.

In The Newcomer audiobook free, the writing style is simple and humorous. The protagonists are complex, eccentric, and fascinating. The Newcomer audiobook free is an exciting tale of family conflict, loss, sadness, betrayal, robbery, murder, compassion, questionable characters, taking risks, pleasure, and romance.

Who is the author of The Newcomer audiobook?

Mary Kay Andrews wrote The Newcomer audiobook.

Mary Kay Andrews was born on the 27th of July 1954. She is an Atlanta-based American author whose real name is Kathy Hogan Trocheck. Since 2002, she had written a series of finest novels under her pen name, Andrews.

Mary Kay studied journalism at the University of Georgia and completed her graduation in 1976. She served as a journalist for many publications, including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution for almost 11 years. Then she resigned in 1991 to pursue fiction writing full-time. From 1992 to 2000, she released ten thrillers by her real name before switching to her pen name, Andrews in 2002 to write Savannah Blues. It highlighted a shift in her writing style to the Southern-flavored subjects.

HarperCollins released her debut book, Every Crooked Nanny, in 1992. Hissy Fit was her first NY Times bestseller in 2006. And she went on to have 12 additional NY Times, Publisher’s Weekly, and USA Today blockbusters. Her books have been translated into several languages to date.

Her family splits their days between Tybee Island and Atlanta. There they experiment with new meals in two renovated beach houses, Ebbtide and the Breeze Inn, both named on the imaginary locations in her books. Andrews is an avid discovery hunter whose greatest pleasure is scrapping and renovating up old homes in between food preparation, pampering her grandchildren, and writing her upcoming novel.

Who is the narrator of The Newcomer audiobook?

The narrator of The Newcomer audiobook is Kathleen Mcinerney. Other audiobooks that Kathleen Mcinerney has also narrated are The Plague of Doves, Life Between Heaven and Earth, and The Virtual Night.

What is the length of The Newcomer audiobook?

The length of The Newcomer audiobook is 14 hours and 30 minutes.

When was The Newcomer audiobook published?

Macmillan Audio published The Newcomer audiobook on 05/04/2021.