The Odyssey Audiobook

The Odyssey Audiobook

What is the Odyssey audiobook about?

The Odyssey audiobook is an old tale, divided into two parts. In the Odyssey audiobook, the half narrative, set on the island of Ithaca, where the king, Odysseus, went missing for two decades. While The other half tells about Odysseus’ return to Ithaca.

In the Odyssey audiobook, A Greek hero, Odysseus, has not come back to his hometown of Ithaca after the Trojan war. The majority of people assume he is no longer alive. While, the goddess, Kalypso held Odysseus hostage on the island. Penelope, Odysseus’ wife, had numerous suitors behind her in Ithaca. Athene, a deity and Odysseus’ companion, comes to see his son, Telemachus.  She urges the son to go out and find out what has happened to his father.

In the Odyssey audiobook free, Telemachus visits Sparta’s, King Menelaus. He learns about his father, Odyssey that he is still alive and held captive by Kalypso. Penelope’s suitors in Ithaka devise a plot to assassinate Telemachos. Athene appeals to her father, Zeus, to order Kalypso to free Odysseus. Zeus agrees, so Odysseus subsequently departs on a raft. Odysseus washed up on the coast of Phaiakia by storms created by Poseidon, the god of water. Athene helps him out.

To protect Odysseus from the suitors, Athene disguises him as a pauper. Odysseus appears in front of his son. He attempts to persuade his wife that he has returned home but she didn’t believe him as he disguised himself as a pauper. Penelope decided to take things into her own hands and challenges all men. She would be won by anybody who can string Odysseus’ bow and hurl an arrow into the heads of 12 axes. Everyone else failed, but Odysseus, disguised as a pauper, succeeds. In the end, in the Odyssey audiobook free, he and his family get reunited.

Who is the author of the Odyssey audiobook?

Homer wrote the Odyssey audiobook. While Emily Wilson translated it.

Homer was most likely born about 725 BC on Asia Minor’s coast, which is today part of Turkey although was formerly in Greece. Homer was the very first Greek author whose work has survived. Furthermore, The Iliad and the Odyssey, his 2 great poems have considered as the fundamental masterpieces of Greek Literature.

Moreover, the poems were written in Homeric Greek, often called Epic Greek, a literary style that combines characteristics of Aeolic and Ionic accents from various periods, with Eastern Ionic as the main influence. The poetry, according to most experts, initially conveyed verbally. In addition, Homeric epic had a huge impact on Western culture from ancient times to the current time, influencing several of its finest notable literary works, music, artwork, and filmmaking. Homeric epics greatly influenced Ancient Greek society and academics.

Some old beliefs concerning Homer were told early on and mostly repeated. such as  Homer being blind, being brought up in Chios, being the child of nymph Crithes and river Meles, being a wandering poet, dying whether in Ios or just after having failed to answer a brain teaser set by fishers and numerous interpretations for “Homer”, his name. Whatever the reality is, his stories continue to be read all over the world.

Who is the narrator of the Odyssey audiobook?

The narrator of the Odyssey audiobook is Claire Danes. Other audiobooks that Claire Danes has also narrated are The Snow Queen, Miss Rumphius, and The Handmaid’s Tale.

What is the length of the Odyssey audiobook?

The length of the Odyssey audiobook is 13 hours and 32 minutes.

When was the Odyssey audiobook published?

Audible Studios published the Odyssey audiobook on 11/20/2018.