The Road Audiobook

The Road Audiobook

What is The Road audiobook about?

The Road audiobook is a work of dystopian literature. It begins in a desolate, post-apocalyptic American landscape.

The Road audiobook depicts a little boy and a man, who had a father-son relationship. They went on a trip southward after an unidentified disaster strikes the globe. The father and the boy, who are likewise unidentified all through the narrative, walk across the rugged landscape of the southeast. The circumstances they confront are harsh such as rotting bodies, burned-out terrain, and destroyed towns and buildings.

In The Road audiobook, the man and a little boy battle to live in the severe weather, with no food, resources, or refuge. Along the trip, they should avoid people who would rob them or, worst, murder them for sustenance. Even though the situation was really difficult but the father and the boy stay steadfast in their will to live. Against all difficulties, the boy maintains his insatiable compassion, constantly attempting to assist the ragged remnants of live beings they come across.

However, In The Road audiobook free, the father’s condition deteriorates as they walk, and soon he is close to death when they arrived at the seashore. He spits up blood in his cough all the time, and both have to walk at ever-slower speeds every day. Eventually, he died in the forest at midnight, close to the boy. The child stays by his father’s side for many days following his demise, until he encounters a loving family that asks him to accompany them. In the end, in The Road audiobook free, the child must bid his father farewell and go on a fresh start with family.

Who is the author of The Road audiobook?

Cormac McCarthy wrote The Road audiobook.

Cormac McCarthy was born on the 20th of July 1933. He is an author of eight books, two screenplays, two short stories and two plays from the US. McCarthy is popular for his vivid descriptions of brutality as well as his distinct style of writing. Most people considered him as the finest living author.

McCarthy grew up mostly in Tennessee. He went to the University of Tennessee in 1951 but left it to serve the United States Air Force. The Orchard Keeper, his first novel, published in 1965. McCarthy was fortunate to go to southern Europe and there he penned Outer Dark, another novel, thanks to literary scholarships. He was able to go to the Southwestern United states owing to a MacArthur Grant and there he penned his fifth masterpiece, Blood Meridian, considered his finest work today, with several calling it the Great American Novel.

McCarthy rose to prominence with All the Pretty Horses in the year 1992, for that he earned two awards, the National Book Award and the National Book Critics Circle Award. The Road, published in 2006, received the 2007 Pulitzer Prize and the James Tait Black Memorial Prize in the Fiction category. Most of McCarthy’s writings have turned into the movie. No Country for Old Men turned into a movie in 2007, which won four Academy Awards.

McCarthy serves in the Santa Fe Institute. The announcement of his upcoming work, The Passenger made a long time ago but still not published.

Who is the narrator of The Road audiobook?

The narrator of The Road audiobook is Tom Stechschulte. Other audiobooks that Tom Stechschulte has also narrated are Swan Song, Shutter Island, and The Yearling.

What is the length of The Road audiobook?

The length of The Road audiobook is 6 hours and 39 minutes.

When was The Road audiobook published?

Recorded Books published The Road audiobook on 03/15/2007.