The Rose Code Audiobook

The Rose Code Audiobook

What is The Rose Code audiobook about?

The Rose Code audiobook is a Wartime narrative about Bletchley Park’s women codebreakers.

In The Rose Code audiobook, as England intends to attack the Nazis in 1940, three females heed the invitation to the Bletchley Park, an enigmatic country estate. There the smartest brains in the country learn to crack codes of the German military.

Osla, the lively lady, has it all—beauty, fortune, and handsome Greece’s Prince Philip. However, she wants to prove her capability in society. She uses her completely fluent German for translating decrypted enemy secrets. Mab, a self-made woman from east London poverty, operates the famed codebreaking devices. While hiding past scars and looking for a culturally ideal partner. And the third was a spinster from  Local village Beth. Her shyness hides a wonderful skill with riddles, Osla and  Mab quickly recognise her capability. Beth expanded her horizons and become part of female cryptanalysts. However, battle, tragedy, and the unavoidable pressure of silence will rip the trio apart.

In The Rose Code audiobook, In 1947, three friends reconnected by a cryptic coded letter, the answer to which are the lies hid a long time ago, treachery that shattered their bond and sent Beth to an asylum.  Osla, Mab, and Beth should rebuild their past relationship and break one more code together after a mystery traitor emerges from shadows of their past at Bletchley Park. However, removing each flower petal from rose flower code would bring a threat and the real opponent closer.

This highly detailed The Rose Code audiobook free includes background knowledge on the secret codebreaking activities at Bletchley Park, the three women’s friendship, and, obviously, their romantic interests. To sum up, The Rose Code audiobook free is a thrilling and engrossing storey about their friendship, work and failures and victories.

Who is the author of The Rose Code audiobook?

Kate Quinn wrote The Rose Code audiobook.

Kate Quinn is a historical fiction author from the United States. She is a Southern California native. She is situated in the city of San Diego. Kate earned a degree of bachelors and masters in classical voice from Boston University.

The Alice Network, Quinn’s 2017 novel, has made its name on the bestseller list of USA Today and New York Times.  Moreover, The Huntress, her eighth book and follow-up, received excellent reviews by Kirkus Reviews and The Washington Post in 2019.

Furthermore, she has authored three books centred on Rome, which includes Mistress of Rome, Empress of the Seven Hills, and Daughters of Rome. These books had been published in several other languages.

Kate moved from Rome to Italy with her 4th and 5th books, The Serpent and the Pearl and The Lion and the Rose, which chronicled the Borgia family’s early years. In addition, she has also become a blogging bug. She keeps blogging about historical fiction tidbits, pet peeves, as well as other interesting stuff. When she is not working she likes to pass her time by cooking and watching movies. She resides with her husband in Maryland and also owns a tiny black dog called Caesar.

Who is the narrator of The Rose Code audiobook?

The narrator of The Rose Code audiobook is Saskia Maarleveld. Other audiobooks that Saskia Maarleveld has also narrated are Look What You Made Me Do, What the Wind Knows, and All the Ways We Said Goodbye.

What is the length of The Rose Code audiobook?

The length of  The Rose Code audiobook is 16 hours and 02 minutes.

When was The Rose Code audiobook published?

HarperAudio published The Rose Code audiobook on 03/09/2021.