The Shining Audiobook

The Shining Audiobook

What is The Shining audiobook about?

The Shining audiobook is a work of horror. In The Shining audiobook, the protagonist, Jack Torrance is an alcohol addict. To support his family, he works as a caretaker at The Overlook Hotel after being sacked from his position at Stovington University due to alcoholism.

In The Shining audiobook, Torrance discovers wasps nest on the rooftop in the winter while inspecting for damaged roofing. Torrance puts it in his son, Danny’s room. The “dead” insects wounded Danny that afternoon while he was sleeping. It’s the very first of several inexplicable events involving Torrance and Danny.

After a series of events, Jack recognises the risk at the resort, but he can’t face quitting due to his dignity. The hotel, cursed by the crimes of several wicked individuals who have resided there, takes on a malicious personality when it discovers Jack’s propensity for drinking and uses alcohol to entice him.

In The Shining audiobook free, The hotel supplies him with alcohol and the previously empty alcohol bottles in the bars filled with cocktails. The hotel believes that if Jack gets intoxicated, he would be unable to fight its evil and ultimately he will abandon his reasoning and serve the hotel’s dreadful intentions.

Danny’s magical powers, his “shining,” enables him to identify the wickedness in the resort. The hotel enslaves him with all its deadly truths.

At The Shining audiobook free terrifying climax, Jack, who has become completely taken by the demonic powers in the Outlook hotel, attempts to murder his wife and son with a hammer; he failed and murders himself. Both  Wendy and Danny got injured. They barely make it out of the hotel before it starts burning, its furnace blazing in the very same manner as its wickedness already has detonated.

Who is the author of The Shining audiobook?

Stephen King wrote The Shining audiobook.

Stephen Edwin King was born on the 21st of September 1947. He’s a thriller, supernatural fantasy, thriller, mystery, and science-fiction novelist from the United States. King wrote 62 fiction novels and 5 non-fiction works, seven of which he wrote with his pen name, Richard Bachman. He also authored over 200 short tales, most of which have appeared in anthologies.

In Lisbon Falls, Maine, King joined Durham Elementary School. He was a graduate of Lisbon Falls High School. As an enthusiastic fan of entertaining horror comics, he showed an interesting aspect of terror. He subsequently paid respect to the comics in his script for Creepshow. During his school days, he started writing for pleasure. He wrote articles for the newspaper, Dave’s Rag, his brother ran using the mimeograph machine. He also started to sell fiction-based stories on films he saw to his friends. When his teacher found about it he has to return his profits.

Bram Stoker Awards, World Fantasy Awards, and British Fantasy Society Awards have all been bestowed onto King. The National Book Foundation honoured him with the Award for Contribution to American Letters in 2003. He has garnered honours for his contributions to writing throughout his career. It includes the 2004 World Fantasy Award for Major Accomplishment and the Mystery Writers of America’s Grand Master Award in 2007. He received a National Award of Arts in 2015. King was labelled as the “King of Horror,” a play on his name and a tribute to his celebrity in popular culture.

Who is the narrator of The Shining audiobook?

The narrator of The Shining audiobook is Campbell Scott. Other audiobooks that Campbell Scott has also narrated are For Whom the Bell Tolls, Tropic of Cancer, and The Lost Painting.

What is the length of The Shining audiobook?

The length of The Shining audiobook is 15 hours and 50 minutes.

When was The Shining audiobook published?

Random House Audio published The Shining audiobook on 08/07/12.