The Silmarillion Audiobook

The Silmarillion Audiobook

What is Silmarillion audiobook about?

Silmarillion audiobook is a compilation of five independently named works, the “Ainulindale,” “Valaquenta,” “Quenta Silmarillion,” “Akallabeth,” and “Of the Rings of Power and the Third Age.”

Silmarillion audiobook starts with Eru, who gave life to the first creatures known as the Ainur. Creation progressed from them, and the Elves, Dwarves, and eventually Men, who were created mortal, were born.

In Silmarillion audiobook, for centuries, Earth’s creatures lived in harmony until the greatest evil, Melkor, arrived. One of the most beautiful and strong Ainur became corrupted by his greed. He destroys the peace and compels the other Ainur to expel him from their realm. Melkor, filled with rage, creates terrible monsters who take the lives of many Elves and Men. Melkor also causes a schism of distrust between Men and Elves.

In Silmarillion audiobook free, with time, an elf named Feanor made the Silmarils, three jewels that radiated a powerful light. Feanor kept the jewels hidden from those who wished to pervert its powers. Melkor discovered the Silmarils and devised a plan to take them. He instilled greed and distrust in Feanor and his brothers, weakening their bond. Soon after, he assaulted Feanor, but he was unable to recover the Silmarils.

Melkor joined with Ungoliant the spider after years of plotting and unsuccessful efforts. He stole the Silmarils with her help. Melkor deceived Ungoliant when they succeeded, and the two battled. Ungoliant flees to the Valley of the Dreadful Death, never to return. Melkor’s mission of evil continues due to the power of the jewels. The Valinor defeated Melkor in the combat. Sauron, his apprentice, rises to the status of evil lord and rules over his master’s creations for ages. In the end, In Silmarillion audiobook free, Sauron is eventually captured and hurled into a fiery pit.

Who is the author of Silmarillion audiobook?

J. R. R. Tolkien wrote Silmarillion audiobook.

John Ronald Reuel Tolkien was born on January 3, 1892. He was an English author, poet, philosopher, and scholar. His novels The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings considered as two fiction masterpieces. The Silmarillion won the Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel in 1978. His son Christopher Tolkien, with help from fantasy author Guy Gavriel Kay, published The Silmarillion posthumously in 1977. Tolkien is named as the “Father” of modern fantasy literature.

He received his early education from his mother. Following his mother’s death, Tolkien grew up in Birmingham’s Edgbaston neighbourhood, attending King Edward’s School and later St Philip’s School. Tolkien enrolled at Exeter College, Oxford, in 1911. He began studying classics but switched to English language and literature in 1913, graduating with first-class honours in 1915.

The army demobilized and discharged him with the rank of lieutenant. After World War I, his first nonmilitary job was at the Oxford English Dictionary, where he focused on the history and etymology of words of Germanic origin starting with the letter W. Furthermore, in 1920, the University of Leeds appointed him as a reader in the English language. As a result, he became the university’s youngest lecturer. He returned to Oxford in 1925 as the Rawlinson and Bosworth Professor of Anglo-Saxon, with a fellowship at Pembroke College.

Moreover, in the mid-1920s, he began tutoring university students privately, primarily at Lady Margaret Hall and St Hugh’s College. In addition, Oxford University bestowed the CBE and an honorary Doctorate of Letters on him. Because of a bleeding ulcer and a chest infection, Tolkien died on September 2, 1973.

Who is the narrator of Silmarillion audiobook?

The narrator of Silmarillion audiobook is Martin Shaw. Other audiobooks that Martin Shaw has also narrated are Courting the Wild Twin, The Hobbit, and The Last Legion.

What is the length of Silmarillion audiobook?

The length of Silmarillion audiobook is 14 hours and 49 minutes.

When was Silmarillion audiobook published?

HarperCollins Publishers Limited published Silmarillion audiobook on 10/29/15.